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Can’t Fool The Blues – Gary Moore

You can fool the landlord sp you don’t pay the rent You can fool the world and become the president You can fool all the people some the time You can make a million dollars and cry”I don’t have a lousy dime” But you can’t fool the blues You can’t fool the blues When you’re […]

Too Tired – Gary Moore

Yeah! I laid down last night, too tired to wake. I had a chill this morning, too tired to shake. I got a good poker hand, too tired to win. I can hear my baby knockin’, too tired to let her in. I’m tired. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I’m tired. Too tired, too tired for anything. […]

Victims Of The Future – Gary Moore

Searching each day for the answers, watching our hopes disappear. Set on a course for disaster, living our lives in fear. Our leaders leave us in confusion. For them there’s only one solution. Caught in the fight for survival, trapped with our backs to the wall. Are we just lambs to the slaughter? Who wait […]

Don’t Believe A Word – Gary Moore

One-two-three. Don’t believe me if I tell you. Not a word of this is true. Don’t believe me if I tell you, especially if I tell you that I’m in love with you. Don’t believe me if I tell you that I wrote this song for you. There just might be some other silly pretty […]

Story Of The Blues – Gary Moore

My baby she left me, my baby she’s gone. My sweet little angel has spread her wings and flown. Can’t think of a reason for going on. From this day I will play the blues. She said it was over, this time it’s the end. Bad luck and trouble gonna be my only friend. I […]

Over The Hills And Far Away – Gary Moore

They came for him one winter’s night. Arrested, he was bound. They said there’d been a robbery, his pistol had been found. They marched him to the station house, he waited till the dawn. And as they led him to the dock, he knew that he’d been wronged. You stand accused of robbery, he heard […]

Friday On My Mind – Gary Moore

Monday morning feels so bad. Everybody seems to nag me. Come on Tuesday I feel better. Even my old man looks good. Wednesday just won’t go, Thursday goes too slow. I’ve got Friday on my mind. Gonna have fun in the city. Be with my girl, she’s so pretty. She looks fine tonight. She is […]

City Of Gold – Gary Moore

In my home of sand outside the city of gold The wind’s so burning hot but my heart remains so cold I need to buy myself some answers But the truth’s already been sold. Well I know how to use a razor Carve my initials in the light Yes I know how to use a […]

Falling In Love With You – Gary Moore

When I’m close to you, I feel my heartbeat telling me that you’re the one for me. Darling, I don’t understand the reasons, I just know that this was meant to be. And when I look into your eyes I see it, everything that I’ve been searchin’ for. Darlin’, I don’t understand this feeling, I […]

Wild Frontier – Gary Moore

I remember the old country they call the emerald land. And I remember my hometown before the war began. Now we’re riding on a sea of rage, the victims you have seen. You’ll never hear them sing again The Forty Shades Of Green. We’re goin’ back to the wild frontier. Back to the wild frontier, […]

Listen To Your Heartbeat – Gary Moore

Outside the rain is falling. Inside it feels so cold. A view from a broken window, faces that look so old. Every trick in the book you have tried, to make ends meet. Just remember those nights that you cried, there was nothing to do, but lie awake and Listen to your heartbeat. Listen to […]

Song For Donna – Gary Moore

Whenever I’m with you, the more I can give you, the love that’s inside my heart. No, it’s not easy, but baby believe me, it hurts me when we’re apart. But the road won’t go on forever. You can dry your tears away. Whenever you’re near me, I know you can hear the love beating […]

Walking By Myself – Gary Moore

You know I love you. You know it’s true. Give you all my love, babe. What more can I do? Walking by myself, I hope you’ll understand. I just want to be your lovin’ man. I love ya, yes I love you with my heart and soul. I wouldn’t mistreat you for my weight in […]

Back On The Streets – Gary Moore

Listen to me woman, I just think it’s a sin. I know you hear me knockin’, but you won’t let me in. Might be fine for you just to keep me hangin’ round. But if you don’t open up this door, I’m gonna kick it down. Sometimes I feel like I’m back on the streets […]

Empty Rooms – Gary Moore

Lonliness is your only friend. A broken heart that just won’t mend, is the price you pay. It’s hard to take when love grows old. The days are long and the nights turn cold, when it fades away. You hope that she will change her mind, but the days drift on and on. You’ll never […]

All Your Love – Gary Moore

All your lovin’ is lovin’. All your kissin’ is kissin’. All your lovin’ is lovin’. All your kissin’ is kissin’. Before I met you baby, I never knew what I was missin’. All your lovin’ pretty baby, that I got in store for you. All your lovin’ pretty baby, that I got in store for […]

Crying In The Shadows – Gary Moore

Sometimes he sees her walking by. He never looks her in the eye. She doesn’t know, she doesn’t care, what he is feeling. And as she turns to walk away, there is nothing he can say. She doesn’t know. Why should she care? When he’s alone, she’s never there, to see him Crying in the […]

Key To Love – Gary Moore

I never realized that you were in pain. Wanna help you honey, let me see you again. Hurts my soul baby, when I find you’re feeling rough, yeah. Life is so bad baby, when do I find the key to love? The smile on your face wipe away those tears. Life is gonna get better […]

Why Does Love Have To Go Wrong? – Gary Moore

Take a look in the mirror What do you see Take a look deep inside you Are you still free? There is no peace of mind When love turns so unkind. Why does love have to go wrong? When we try hard to hold on Why does love have to go wrong? Take a look […]

Glory Days – Gary Moore

Will we find a place in tomorrow Will we find the way to our dreams Will we shine our light through the darkest night Till the morning. Glory Days Don’t let these times be forgotten Glory Days Don’t let them fade from our hearts. There’s a time we left far behind us Though the seeds […]

Take A Little Time – Gary Moore

I know the reason you turn your back on things that you don’t wanna hear. I know this feelin’ I get from you when you try to act so sincere. But I don’t know what’s making you behave this way. I’m gonna go, you never hear a word I say. You better learn to Take […]

All I Want – Gary Moore

I don’t know what is wrong with you. Baby, baby, whatcha tryin’ to do to me? Lovin’ you has got me so confused, I’m sick and tired of always bein’ abused this way. All I want from you is your sweet lovin’, every day and every night. All I want from you is your sweet […]

Fanatical Fascists – Gary Moore

There’s a new sensation playin’ across the nation. Just don’t care, they just don’t care. They’ll eat your heart out before you start out. Just don’t care, they just don’t care. Every dog will have it’s own way. Throw out the old, bring in the new, they say. Every dog will have it’s new day. […]

Military Man – Gary Moore

Papa take a look at your boy, he’s a military man. Papa take a look at your boy, he’s crying. Papa take a look at your boy, he’s a soldier. Papa take a look in his eyes, they’re colder. Papa take a look at your boy, he’s a military man. Mama take a look at […]

Teenage Idol – Gary Moore

He never did much good when he went to school. Too many teachers, there were too many rules. A dirty faced kid, he was never outta trouble. His Mom and Poppa told him better get out on the double. But when he heard that music on the radio, he knew one day he was gonna […]

Gonna Break My Heart Again – Gary Moore

You’ve been turnin’ me upside down since the day I met you. But no matter how hard I try, I can’t seem to forget you. You’ve been turning me inside out since the day I found you. So why do I spend all of my time just hangin’ around you? I don’t care what you […]

Still Got The Blues – Gary Moore

Used to be so easy to give my heart away. But I found out the hard way, there’s a price you have to pay. I found out that love was no friend of mine. I should have known time after time. So long, it was so long ago, but I’ve still got the blues for […]

Texas Strut – Gary Moore

One, two, three, four. Let me tell you about the Texas blues. I went down south to Dallas, to hear those cowboys wail. Came across that Billy Gibbons ridin’ on that ZZ trail. I just can’t lose with the Texas blues. I said I just can’t lose with the Texas blues. The Texas blues. Got […]

As The Years Go Passing By – Gary Moore

There is nothing I can do, as you leave me here to cry. There is nothing I can do, as you leave me here to cry. You know my love will follow you, as the years go passing by. Give you all that I own. That’s one thing you can’t deny. Give you all that […]

Out In The Fields – Gary Moore

It doesn’t matter if you’re wrong or if you’re right. It makes no difference if you’re black or if you’re white. All men are equal till the victory is won. No colour or religion ever stopped the bullet from a gun. Out in the fields. The fighting has begun. Out on the streets. They’re falling […]