Performer GARY MOORE

Midnight Blues – Gary Moore

It’s the darkest hour of the darkest night. It’s a million miles from the morning light. Can’t get no sleep. […]

Oh Pretty Woman – Gary Moore

Oh, pretty woman sure’s the rising sun. Says all your cheap paint and powder ain’t gonna help you none. ‘Cause […]

Moving On – Gary Moore

I’m gonna leave this place tomorrow. I’m gonna leave this town behind. I’ll be gone before the morning, on the […]

Thunder Rising – Gary Moore

They looked out from the fortress on the hill. There came a single warrior returning from the kill. The spoils […]

All Messed Up – Gary Moore

The party’s over, I can’t drink no more. My head is hurtin’, I’m looking for the door. But it’s so […]

Led Clones – Gary Moore

The time has come to talk about tomorrow. You should be a careful one tomorrow. I heard them on the […]

Wishing Well – Gary Moore

Take off your hat, kick off your shoes. You know you ain’t goin’ anywhere. Spend all your time singin’ your […]

Too Tired – Gary Moore

Yeah! I laid down last night, too tired to wake. I had a chill this morning, too tired to shake. […]

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