King For A Day – Gathering

fairytales, so we’re told. But don’t we all have our personal dragons? Fantasy is a world not far from reality.” […]

The Blue Vessel – Gathering

Its quest around the sun Mankind on the run Overwhelming indifference Destruction fills my eyes Blue and full of life […]

Her Last Flight – Gathering

Can’t do that, please forget The things I need, there’s more than only to breath Twisted and dreams, crying and […]

The Sky People – Gathering

Confidence and hope I’m looking forward to future plans Not able to realize yet Makes me wanna take a rope […]

Nobody Dares – Gathering

Behind those mountains is a land That is owned by geniune men They wear a stone around their neck Which […]

Second Sunrise – Gathering

heart and not with words. Until then we’ll just light another candle for this world.” What is left of our […]

Analog Park – Gathering

A newspaper floats on the breeze of this late summer. It is coming my way, I patiently wait. I see […]

Subzero – Gathering

the water can be calm or stormy. But can it be frozen; can emotions reach freezing point?” The bowels of […]

Travel – Gathering

are symphonizing their way through your weary head To feed your distrust And fill it’s mouth with the desire to […]