The Mirror Waters – Gathering

of aging and attempts to hide from time. Time is crucial yet essential. For ever and never, life lies between them.” Slowly…Flying silent Touching the wind as it sadly sings…for me Aging on the outside With my youth in my empty hands Lost all that I was living for, live no longer Couldn’t resist looking […]

Strange Machines – Gathering

Dreaming about going through the corners of time I always wanted to fly in strange machines I wanna do centuries in a lifetime And feel it with my hands Touch World War II and Cleopatra Flying… Could it be that my dream would come true Building a machine that would actually do What I want […]

Analog Park – Gathering

A newspaper floats on the breeze of this late summer. It is coming my way, I patiently wait. I see the sign, it’s on the road and I think it’s crazy In the garden, of the park, on a bench, I watch. The sandy feet of the children. Pearls of sweat run across their beautiful […]

Colorado Incident – Gathering

whenever we float down from the big plateau We are here, To let you know, our rear view mirror is full of meaning Our endless trip is now in session The twelve wheel drive is overfloating with great experience You’ve heard, our rear view mirror is full of meaning Heating up, coming down with the […]

Subzero – Gathering

the water can be calm or stormy. But can it be frozen; can emotions reach freezing point?” The bowels of my thoughts, icy lake Drain emotions from my bleeding soul Tears that follow burn my skin Dread to see myself, I ain’t me The sun encircles my shape on the ice In my shadow I […]

Travel – Gathering

are symphonizing their way through your weary head To feed your distrust And fill it’s mouth with the desire to soulfully be one with your creation Not a subject to control you call upon a higer power for help and inspiration The crowd waits and turns their faces towards you expectantly you give them what […]