Performer GENESIS

Snowbound – Genesis

Feel the cold of winter in your hair Here in a world of your own, In a casing that’s grown […]

Harold The Barrel – Genesis

early this morning. Last seen in a mouse-brown overcoat, suitably camouflaged, they saw him catch a train. Man-in-the-street: “Father of […]

The Conqueror – Genesis

And points at anything he hates He calls to you “Hey look out son That’s a gun they’re pointing at […]

Fading Lights – Genesis

oh if only we could do it all again but now it’s just another fading memory out of focus, though […]

Afterglow – Genesis

I must find a new home. The ways and holes that used to give me shelter, Are all as one […]

Duchess – Genesis

She never thought about the future, she just did what she would But she really cared About her music, it […]

Me And Sarah Jane – Genesis

Don’t start counting, don’t start counting. Colder and colder, the ice is moving closer And it gets me down. Going […]

Anything She Does – Genesis

You decorate the garage wall, Hang in people’s halls, Live in secret drawers, If you could look around you, Wonder […]

Small Talk – Genesis

Don’t talk back to me, don’t talk Going round in circles, hearing too many points of view Just words to […]

More Fool Me – Genesis

Who while away the mornings Since you’ve gone Too long have I lay alone Not knowing which way to turn. […]

The Cinema Show – Genesis

Clears her morning meal. She dabs her skin with pretty smells Concealing to appeal. I will make my bed, She […]

Cuckoo Cocoon – Genesis

Wrapped up in some powdered wool – I guess I’m losing touch. Don’t tell me this is dying, ‘cos I […]

Mad Man Moon – Genesis

Or was it just another dam. When the evil of a snowflake in June Could still be a source of […]

Congo – Genesis

But I don’t think that’s really true But if you want to be free from me You gotta lose me […]

Squonk – Genesis

Not flesh nor fish nor bone A red rag hangs from an open mouth. Alive at both ends but a […]

Inside And Out – Genesis

INSIDE Brother: Seems they’re letting him out next year He’s behaving himself I hear Governor Conway says it will be […]

Entangled – Genesis

Aerial views of the ground, Freudian slumber empty of sound. Over the rooftops and houses, Lost as it tries to […]

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