Stay Out Of My Arms – George Strait

And makes someone go blind to what is wrong. We’ll stop now while there’s still the strength to see. Turn your eyes and run away from me. [Chorus:] Stay out of my arms, take my advice. It’s easy to break the same heart twice. Let’s stop the hurt before it starts. Don’t follow me, stay […]

You Can’t Make A Heart Love Somebody – George Strait

That diamond burnin’ holes in his pockets, thinkin’ now’s the perfect time. When he popped the question, he could see the teardrops fill her eyes. She said I knew this was comin’ and I’m sorry, but I hope you realize. [Chorus:] You can’t make a heart love somebody. You can tell it what to do, […]

Stranger Things Have Happened – George Strait

But somebody else came along and took you’re love away And tonight as I lay here All alone in this room He’s out there some where Takin’ my place Stranger things have happened to me And it’s getting all over town That stranger things have happened to me That stranger is holding her now She […]

The Seashores Of Old Mexico – George Strait

I left, out of Tucson, with no destination in mind. I was runnin’ from trouble and the jail-term the Judge had in mind. And the border meant freedom, a new life, romance, And that’s why I thought I should go, And start my life over on the seashores of old Mexico. My first night in […]

Love Comes From The Other Side Of Town – George Strait

You don’t feel like being alone And you find yourself inclined to look around. For the feelings we once shared Are just no longer there And love comes from the other side of town. [Chorus:] Where love means just an hour With your stand in And not an empty house Where love just has been. […]

My Infinite Love – George Strait

When you hear the warm wind whisper through the pines I want you to know [Chorus:] It’ll be me and my infinite love for you It’s just like I promised you under heaven above It will live on long after we kiss goodbye Forever by your side My infinite love When you think someone is […]

In Too Deep – George Strait

I ain’t worth the trouble anyhow I’d like to give it up, I’ve had enough and I’ve done my part But I’m in too deep to pull out now Good things we’ve had are going bad and I don’t know why I’d turn it around if I knew how I’m pushing aside all my pride […]

Ocean Front Property – George Strait

And I won’t ever take you back. Girl, your mem’ry won’t ever haunt me ‘Cause I don’t love you, and now if you’ll buy that. [Chorus:] I got some ocean front property in Arizona. From my front porch you can see the sea. I got some ocean front property in Arizona. If you’ll buy that, […]

That’s The Breaks – George Strait

Just what I needed The icing on that cake You’re leavin’ But I give up Throw up my hands There’s nothing I can say or do I’ve done all that I can That’s the breaks The way the cookie crumbles What goes around comes around they say That’s the breaks The way that ol’ cookie […]

What Do You Say To That – George Strait

I’ve fallen for you and that’s a fact, what do you say to that. You’re always in my dreams, I think you know what they mean, My heart knows this is real at last, what do you say to that. [Chorus:] Life could never be the same without you. Love was never really love without […]

If I Know Me – George Strait

And when I slammed the door tonight you wondered where I went. If I know you, you’re probably wonderin’ what to do. You’re thinkin’ that I’m gone for good, if I know you. [Chorus:] But if I know me, I’ll turn this car around. I won’t get halfway through town, and I’ll be sorry. I’ll […]

Today My World Slipped Away – George Strait

I gave you all I had, you made your getaway. All the love we once made turned to memories today. I left the courtroom and went straight to the church. I hit my knees and told God how much I hurt. Nothin’ left of my heart; It’s gonna be so hard to make a new […]

You’re Right, I’m Wrong – George Strait

You’re right, I’m wrong, I’m here, you’re gone. Now I’m the one to blame that our love’s at an end. I lied, you cried, I died inside. Now I’ll do anything to get you back again. Step by step, night after night I walk the floor until morning light. Your leaving words still haunt my […]

Her Only Bad Habit Is Me – George Strait

Lord knows she deserves a saint And it don’t take a genius to see Her only bad habit is me Why she loves me I don’t know I can sure be a hard way to go But I’m right here where she wants me to be Her only bad habit is me [Chorus:] Most of […]

I Ain’t Never Seen No One Like You – George Strait

Seen lots of folks and lots of faces Even settled down a time or two I’ve worked the frams I’ve been to town Guess you could say I’ve been around But I ain’t never seen no one like you [Chorus:] I can tell by your smile you don’t believe a word I say You’re thinkin’ […]

Let’s Get Down To It – George Strait

On a silver platter Let’s get down to the nitty grit Let’s cut out all the chatter Get to the heart of the matter Honey let’s get down to it Let’s get down to some huggin’ and some squeezin’ Arm and arm We’d be a perfect fit So put a freeze on the teasin’ Let’s […]

Lovesick Blues – George Strait

Since my baby said goodbye. Hey lord I don’t know what I’ll do. All I do is sit and sigh oh lord. The last long day she said goodbye, Lord I thought I would cry. She’ll do me, she’ll do you, she’s got that kind of lovin’. Lord I love to hear her when she […]

Winter Wonderland – George Strait

In the land snow is glistening. A beautiful sight, we’re happy tonight, Walking in the winter wonderland. Gone away is the blue bird. Here to stay is the new bird. He sings a love song as we go along Walking in the winter wonderland. [Chorus:] In the meadow we can build a snowman. We’ll pretend […]

Lonsome Rodeo Cowboy – George Strait

And that old Cadillac This broken down horse trailer And the clothes that are on my back Well I know that it ain’t a hell of alot But it’s all that I can show My wife left me five years ago In one of those rodeo towns I can’t say that I blame her much […]

When It’s Christmas Time In Texas – George Strait

It’s a very special time for me In Texas we’ll go swingin’ ’round the Christmas tree Dancin’ to a Christmas melody When it’s Christmas time in Texas It might look just like a summer day There may not be snow in San Antonio But it’s a Texas Christmas to me [Chorus:] When Santa Claus slips […]

I Can Still Make Cheyenne – George Strait

She heard his voice on the other end of the line She wondered what was wrong this time She never knew what his calls might bring With a cowboy like him it could be anything And she always expected the worst in the back of her mind. He said, “It’s cold out here and I’m […]

Wonderland Of Love – George Strait

For you without me Would you think it a better world Or would you be lonely And if your love for me shall die Would you even say good bye Or would you just walk away Into the dark of night Sometimes I need insurance of your love For you soft and gentle touch All […]

Blame It On Mexico – George Strait

I told a ‘Frisco girl I’d come for freedom, she said she’d only come to catch a train We struck up some idle conversation, traded all the troubles on our minds One thing led to another in the evening and I fell in love again for my last time [Chorus:] Blame it on Mexico if […]

Lookin’ Out My Window Through The Pain – George Strait

Once again she’s leaving, but Lord, she’s not to blame This morning a memory phoned her and he’s a habit she can’t break So ’til she returns, I’ll wait for her, looking out my window through the pain [Chorus:] The devil drove the taxi that carried her away And it hurts to know she’s hung […]

It Just Comes Natural – George Strait

Train Whistles blow and Guitars Play Preachers Preach, Framers Plow Wishes go up and the World goes round And I love you, It just come Natural It just comes Natural Seasons Change Rivers Wind Tumble Weeds roll and the Stars shine Wind Howls, dawn breaks Cowboys riding’ time slips away And I love you, It […]

Love Without End, Amen – George Strait

Fightin’ was against the rules and it didn’t matter why. When dad got home I told that story just like I’d rehearsed. And then stood there on those tremblin’ knees and waited for the worst. [Chorus:] And he said, “Let me tell you a secret about a father’s love, A secret that my daddy said […]

Ready For The End Of The World – George Strait

I know the end is near… I’ve seen the warning signs. Been preparin’ myself, Layin’ in supplies. I bought a case of Jack, A boxed-set of Merle… I’m gettin’ ready, Ready for the end of the world. I’m gettin’ ready for the end to come… That final hour it all comes undone. An’ she drops […]

Rockin’ In The Arms Of Your Memory – George Strait

You were waitin’ tables at the corner diner I said to myself Never seen a woman look any finer From that moment on I was stone cold gone You wuld be forever in my mind Now somewhere in the neon lights I’m holdin’ on for dear life Rockin’ in the arms of your memory tonight […]

You’re Dancin’ This Dance All Wrong – George Strait

Could it be what I feel May be too much too soon But the way that you touch me, I want to give in It’s not so easy holding you when You’re dancing this dance all wrong New steps don’t come easy When old memories hang on I’m finding I’m falling as the music plays […]

One Step At A Time – George Strait

When you told her that you owned her heart and soul You say you’ve got her wrapped around your finger But there’s somethin’ about angels you should know [Chorus:] She’ll walk away one step at a time It’ll take you by surprise You’ll think it happened over night It’ll be too late when you realize […]

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