I’m Never Gonna Let You Go – George Strait

And watch the fire embers glow Let’s lock the world outside the door This is the night we’ve been waiting for The moon is shining through the window pane I hear the echo of a passing train Taking someone’s lover far away But in your arms is where I wanna stay Tonight I’m the luckiest […]

Someone’s Walkin’ Around Upstairs – George Strait

I can hear him And he just got up from sleepin’ in our bed And I’ll wake and realize I was dreamin’ But even when I’m stoned awake I can’t get it out of my head ‘Cause I know someone’s gonna take my place And walk up that ‘ol stair way To the room where […]

Drinking Champagne – George Strait

Dinin’ and dancin’ with every pretty girl I can find. I’m having a fling with a pretty young thing till early mornin’. Knowin’ tomorrow I’ll wake up with you on my mind. [Chorus:] Guilty conscience I guess, though I must confess I never loved you much when you were mine. So I’ll keep drinking champagne […]

The Best Day – George Strait

with a tent, a Coleman and sleepin’ bags. Some fishin’ poles, a cooler of Cokes, three days before we had to be back. When you’re seven you’re in seventh heaven when you’re goin’ campin’ in the wild outdoors. As we turned off on that old dirt road he looked at me and swore… [Chorus:] Dad, […]

Old Time Christmas – George Strait

Candy canes and candlelight Tryin’ to stay awake all night To catch a glimpse of Santa’s reindeer Mama bakin’, sister makin’ Angels in the fallin’ snow Now it seems so long ago I wish they all were here [Chorus:] We’d have an old time Christmas An old time Christmas Just like the ones from yesterday […]

You’re Stronger Than Me – George Strait

If the love that we knew don’t bother you, darlin’ you’re stronger than me. [Chorus:] And if still loving you means I’m weak, then I’m weak, And I still fall apart when you speak or we meet. If the love that we knew don’t bother you, darlin’ you’re stronger than me. If you can have […]

Easy Come, Easy Go – George Strait

I might as well go on and set her free, she’s already turned me loose. No fault, no blame, nobody done no wrong- That’s just the way it sometimes goes. Sometimes two people just don’t get along, it’s time to hit the road. [Chorus:] Goodbye, farewell, so long, vaya condios. Good luck, wish you well, […]

She Told Me So – George Strait

Just being lose to me makes her love grow Each night she thanks God for the day she found me Why, when she came home this morning, she told me so And there’s roses blooming in the Arctic Circle Icebergs in the Gulf of Mexico And there’s not one star in Heaven Or a sunrise […]

I Wasn’t Fooling Around – George Strait

So take me seriously, darlin, please just take me. I wasn’t fooling around. [Chorus:] Laugh if you want to, but I wasn’t joking About this love that’s real. Is it surprising I’m romanticizing about the way I feel. I wasn’t playing a game, I’m not a kid anymore. I’m not the clown that’s just here […]

Baby Your Baby – George Strait

If you’re bad to your baby, you’d better think twice. Love don’t come easy, love ain’t blind. You’ve got to show her you love her, morning and night, Be there for her just to make things right. Make her believe till there ain’t a doubt in her mind. [Chorus:] Better baby your baby with a […]

Don’t Make Me Come Over There And Love You – George Strait

I’d be beside you in a single bound Don’t make me come over there and love you ‘Cause I will right now I don’t need any explanation For why I crave all your honey talk Don’t make me come over there and love you ‘Cause it’s a short walk You better tone down your persuasion […]

I Know She Still Loves Me – George Strait

In her lack of conversation when we talk. And the subject matters change, There’s no mention of our future now at all. She still kisses me each morning, But it seems more like a habit than before. I know she still loves me, But I don’t think she likes me anymore. She used to laugh […]

That’s My Kind Of Woman – George Strait

She feels right at home right by my side That’s my kind of woman That’s my cup of tea That’s my kind of woman The girl I want for me She’s got a pair of boots taht she just loves And like me, likes Gus from Lonesome Dove That’s my kind of woman That’s my […]

Write This Down – George Strait

Thought everything was going alright, but I was running out of time. ‘Cause you had one foot out the door, I swear I didn’t see But if you’re really going away, here’s some final words from me. [Chorus:] Baby, write this down, take a little note to remind you in case you didn’t know, Tell […]

Better Rain – George Strait

Rainin’ the blues on you Like it’s never gonna end on you And all your dreams like leaves in the gutter go floatin’ b No, baby, I don’t know why all God’s children cry I’ll miss your skin, as golden as your wheatfield hair And where you go I hope you find out there A […]

Where The Sidewalk Ends – George Strait

We said good bye on a cold dark night I’m not afraid to go you bet I’m not Where the sidewalk ends you left a lot Some people leave and never come back Some stay in touch, some loose track Your mind kept sayin’ come on let’s go You started learnin’ what you don’t need […]

The Nerve – George Strait

I could just as easily have let you get away. In that crowded airport far from my hometown, If I had lost my courage then you wouldn’t be around; I’m glad I had the nerve. And I’m glad he had the nerve to get down on his knees And say “I bought this ring for […]

Without You Here – George Strait

For a two week Caribbean cruise Our first time apart In ten years of marriage She said I’m already missin’ you She called me from Nassau Ships first port a call Said the ocean ain’t all that’s blue The closer I read was right This island is paradise But not without you She said without […]

Last Time The First Time – George Strait

You’ve been untrue for the last time. I know that you’ve been usin’ me for a past time. It’s the last time the first time for me. I found you and that love for the first time. When I caught you cheatin’ me it was my worst time. I’m seein’ you for the last time. […]

Adalida – George Strait

Adalida, pretty little cajun queen. Sweet dixie flower, the belle of the bayou- You’re every young man’s dream. Adalida, I’d walk through a hurricane To stand beside you sweet Adalida I’d swim the Pontchartrain. Oh no, here you comin’ down the road. With your cotton dress a swishin’, you gettin’ some attention From all the […]

Unwound – George Strait

‘Cause I’ve got a problem I’m gonna drink off my chest. I’m gonna spend the night getting down ‘Cause that woman that I had wrapped around my finger Just come unwound. [Chorus:] That woman that I had wrapped around my finger just come unwound. She kicked me out of the house and tonight I’m whiskey […]

Down Louisiana Way – George Strait

I’m goin’ down Louisiana way I’m going back as of this very day Don’t worry about me cause I’ll be okay I’m goin’ down Louisiana way I will miss all my old Chicago friends And think about you San Francisco now and then I will remember my compadres in L. A. Look me up down […]

Merry Christmas Strait To You – George Strait

Trying to pick out the gifts that show how much they care. It makes me wish that I could see my friends on Christmas day, And fill my list with lots of gifts, but I can only say [Chorus:] Here comes a Merry Christmas Strait to you. I hope it cheers you up when you […]

We Must Be Loving Right – George Strait

So little joy in their lives But wherever we go happiness follows We must be lovin’ right It might be the way I adore you Or the way that you hold me tight I don’t know the reasons girl I’m believing We must be lovin’ right All our friends say love fades away with time […]

I Found Jesus On The Jailhouse Floor – George Strait

I cussed the Lord for the day I was born And prayed to the Devil to die Just when I thought the Devil had won Someone opened up the door The King of kings Lord of lords I found Jesus on the jailhouse floor [Chorus:] Now, he broke the chains that bound me, and now […]

The Road Less Traveled – George Strait

Full of curves lessons learned at every bend Goin’s rough unlike the straight and narrow It’s for those who go against the grain Have no fear dare to dream of a change live to march to the beat of a Different drummer And it all might come together And it all might unraveled On the […]

As Far As It Goes – George Strait

Deeper in love with you I’m not the kind of guy Who gets swept away So here’s what I’m gonna do I’m gonna give you this heart of mine But that’s where I draw the line [Chorus:] I’m only gonna give you everything Take it a mile beyond the end of the road I’m gonna […]

Haven’t You Heard – George Strait

Haven’t you heard Daddy’s gone crazy Haven’t you heard momma is gone Here I stand with my finger on his door bell My mind goes back to what I did last night, You see I finally talked his wife into leaving him And I am just here to convince my conscious that its all alright […]

Don’t Tell Me You’re Not In Love – George Strait

Your eyes sparkle oh how they shine But you keep saying you can’t take another heartache The way you hold me the way that you move Your feelings keep showing through You can’t hide it it’s written all over your face Don’t tell me you’re not in love When your heart beats like it does […]

Tell Me Something Bad About Tulsa – George Strait

When everything is fine But when it is like hers and mine It lives and dies at least Ten Thousand Times [Chorus:] Tell me something bad about Tulsa How those old oil wells Smell in the wind Tell me something bad about Tulsa So I won’t have to go back Believing I belong there Again […]

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