Ghouls To Strike – Desaster

Await the fire!

Sickness rules my life crime
The devil taught me a long time
Await, can’t prove my justice

Forsaken bastard take this
A fuck of death just taste it
Re-open this hellgate

Morbid bastard Son of evil
Join the club Never rest
Take your pleasures…and…Take your pleasures…and…

Open wide the gates of hell! Open wide the gates to hell!

I, the wolf inside the sheep
The spawn of demon seed
A fire to clean your soul
I’m the one upon the throne
The master in disguise
I’m the nihilist alive

Ghouls To Strike

Soon I’ll lead your enemies
Teach those hunting bloodfreaks
Demon’s lust for warfare

Praise my words in darkness
Eternally in league with
Obey my devilish forces

And the world it falls
Under my blade!

Lyric Ghouls To Strike – Desaster