Give Me The World – Silkk The Shocker

Young Silkk i’ve always liked you, today before we make
you a made nigga just tell me a little more about yourself

My life started FUCKED up got me lost in the game they
told me i was never going amount to nothing so started
slanging some cane you could love or hate it nigga wanna
see Silkk incarserated they complicated, contomplated that’s why
I can’t be faded I hate it they sucked up they mad that I made it
Young Silkk overated keep my dope overweighted (?) mercedes respect
with a nigga like I smash hand on four five surrounded by killers and
soldiers and bullet proof glass mob representing linger soliders kiss
my pinky finger my balls camoflauged by this rap singin’ drug dealing
made me famous so I’m going to keep on doin’ it got used to it the whole
world united for me


Give me the World
I want everything from dollars to cream
Give me the World
Large amounts of money the american dream
Give me the World
High class pussy expensive cars
Give me the World
Finer foods and cuban cigars
Give me the World
Money and power it’s my only plan
Give me the World
I won’t rest ’til the world’s in my hand

Lo ciento mucho, FUCK THAT you came short on my dope cut off one of
your fingers send it in the mail you’ll have my money by twelve send
the other four the game designed by me so I can’t lose I make if they
don’t give me what I want I make them an offer they can’t refuse
I pay dues gave a small time for lent I stay in dirt like grass you’ll
never find my fucking finger prints don’t lie snitches in this game
niggas see men’s shoes Floretin is everything can’t break the rules
see me kinda man lost a ki of some cane but I can’t cry over spilled
milk have to charge it to the game invested large in vegas I roll with
top notch (?) driving jet planes sittin’ on yachts all I wanna do is
represent (represent) should i say all I wanna get (do) is presidents

Give me the World

Lyric Give Me The World – Silkk The Shocker