God Machine – Acid Bath

For individualism and ripe brains
The skull farmers do their rain dance
And pray the machine falls to sleep
She holds me close
And whispers wet
“there are cannibals among us.”
Mad in love with dry dead boys
In the backs of
Abandoned cars
Smoking the bones of children
Plotting the murder of love

Strapped into the chair
The needle now descends
As they lick their cracking lips
Their twitching never ends
Blood beneath their finger nails,
Swallow all my pain
Dirty needles break the skin
Suck hard as I drain
Drain me
Drain me
Sunken eyes, a twisted spine
A whiter shade of pale
Rockabilly man come to pound the coffin nails
Inject my stomach full of
Cockroach eggs
Their machine is coming carried on a million legs
Waking in the sleep of reason
Winter is the forever season
Lick thy mother’s bleeding lips
From this glass of hate we sip
Fuck the glass we pump the keg
Kill conception at the egg
Her chin is wet with someone’s hate
Love, disfigure, amputate
Can you remember how it felt to be alive?

Lyric God Machine – Acid Bath