Going Back – Outfield

I’m just a fool – no disguise
I still get hurt – same old pride
But growing older – I’ve realized
There’s not a place – in my life – tonight

I ain’t gonna leave this town no more
I’m sorry for the times that I did before
I’m going back to where my heart came from
I ain’t gonna leave this town again
I’m sorry for the things I did but then
I didn’t realize whre I belonged

Shakin’ the blues – every night
Been all alone – no surprise
Don’t you forget me – I’m so blind
I’m coming back – one more time – tonight


If these streets were empty
With nothing to see
You could take me from this town
Oh but you won’t take this town out of me

Too many years – can’t forget
So many dreams – ain’t done yet

Lyric Going Back – Outfield