Goodbye Girl – Tarsha Vega

When I was walkin’ down ya street ya didn’t notice me
My heart would skip a beat
Diggin’ u like I was diggin’ soul music
Diggin’ u but baby u abused it
See I was different from the rest and all the girls that u caressed
I might suggest that u go deeper baby here’s another test
Who could set ya microphone on fire
And kiss the rain like Billie Myers and desire ya
Now I know I made ya blush
But ya treat me like a crush
And u be frontin’ cause ya freakin’ that’cha friends’ll laugh at us
If we were amorous and this one comes from back in the days
Of the Osh Kosh the acid wash the high-top fades
We wuz Kooler than the Moe Dee
Easy like the Mo Bee
Sneak into a movie watchin’ Obi Wan Kanobee
Left me lonely learn my lesson as I build in this world
Tarsha Vega gotsta go cause I’m a Goodbye Girl

I gotta go
I gotta go
My life’s a rodeo I’m ridin’ round the world
It’s hard to say goodbye but I’m a goodbye girl

I flip adverbs and adjectives put em in a seive
See the world come tumblin’ like dice at a casino
I mean yo it’s hard to recollect the past
When u was all about the ass no substance
Now u wanna dance when u hear me on the radio
Tellin’ all ya peeps how I wished I dated yo
But I was caught up in yo rapture
Had me wrapped up in the palm of yo hands
Like Nenah Cherry do the Buffalo Stance
I fly Pan Am to Japan and Pakistan to get love
Got mad fam around the galaxy who book me at the clubs
I ain’t conceited we both know there’s a lot of dope MC’s
But Tarsha Vega bring the party to the dopest universities
U didn’t love me then so don’tcha push up on me bro
I ain’t a joker playin’ poker but I flush ya flow

Lyric Goodbye Girl – Tarsha Vega