Performer GORILLAZ

5/4 – Gorillaz

Magic make no sound It good for me It good for me underground Magic on me Really got me down […]

Kids With Guns – Gorillaz

Kids with guns Taking over But it won’t be long They’re mesmerized Skeletons Kids with guns Kids with guns Easy […]

O Green World – Gorillaz

Don’t desert me now Bring me back to fallen town Where someone is still alive Fighting for something new in […]

Feel Good Inc. – Gorillaz

shake it, shake it… shake it feel good (8x) City`s breaking down on a camel’s back. They just have to […]

M1 A1 – Gorillaz

M1 A1 Thousand miles an hour Gorillaz got the bass drum Gorillaz say I want some, some La la la […]

DARE – Gorillaz

It’s coming up It’s coming up It’s coming up It’s coming up It’s coming up It’s DARE It’s DARE You’ve […]

Dracula – Gorillaz

Gorillaz (faintly) The percentage of us tow the line The rest of us out of reach Everybody party time Some […]

Demon Days – Gorillaz

You don’t get nobody, people sigh It’s so bad, lasting far, but love yourself Hiding in a hole in there […]

Slow Country – Gorillaz

Calling me later Leave my soul In deep water Never get a better chance So what you doing Gotta get […]

Ghost Train – Gorillaz

Here they come to steal my soul Ghost Train Wait it out until I know Ghost Train Trying not to […]

El Maсana – Gorillaz

Eager man, that’s all Summer don’t know me He just let me love in my sea Cause I do know, […]

All Alone – Gorillaz

(all alone) laviti caso due to run a mile snatch a piece of my wonderin’ distant-far like yonderin’ skin of […]

Faust – Gorillaz

‰Ѕ‚©‚µ‚И‚­‚ї‚б (nani ka shinakucha) ЋdЋ-‚МЊг‚Й (shigoto no ato ni) ЋdЋ-‚МЊг‚Й-Ъ‚ЄЉo‚Я‚й (shigoto no ato ni me ga sameru) ‰Ѕ‚©‚µ‚И‚­‚ї‚б (nani ka […]

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