Performer GOURDS

Meat off the Bone – Gourds

I’ve been callin’ my mama on the telephone I’ve been cookin’ lots of chicken on the kitchen stove And pulin’ […]

Gin and Juice – Gourds

by Snoop Doggy Dogg As played by the Gourds With so much drama in L-B-C It’s kinda hard bein Snoop […]

Dooley – Gourds

he lived below the mill Dooley had two daughters and a forty-gallon still. One gal watched the boiler the other […]

Ziggy Stardust – Gourds

The spiders from Mars, he played it left hand But made it too far Became the special man, then we […]

Coppermine – Gourds

My great-great grandfolk on my father’s side used to work, in a coppermine – oh yeah A penny here, a […]

Cold Bed – Gourds

than he has seemed in nights before skinless face and yellow heart, he hesitates and I wait All my stories […]

Dark and True – Gourds

I know m’thoughts is blue I know the light will be shining all night bells will be ringing dark and […]

All the Labor – Gourds

where the digger cried its my calling, sir and it is no mistake that I put you in the ground […]

Stadium Blitzer – Gourds

rent’s due – I ain’t got it I like my water heater Its’s a leaker in my Stadium Blitzer Livings […]

Piss and Moan – Gourds

on the goddamn rent and much more i can piss and moan about gonna piss and moan right outta here […]

El Paso – Gourds

out of town Call and telephone lines are down I call and the lines are down Retarded girl oh’ she […]

Money Honey – Gourds

shiney things don’t get it she waits and waits full of boring tears waiting for the money and she waits […]

LGO – Gourds

For Helen would have surely knowed I’d love her if it weren’t that I Bind myself to a single joy […]

Makes me Roll – Gourds

sweet interjection kind of affection boring contraption gooey confection circumlocution Rasputin tootin dismal depression Rich Little impression cosmic connection third […]

Son of Burn – Gourds

under my fridge I found the roach bug they were eating my potatoes they even got to raise a fambly […]

Pickles – Gourds

Take your time make some brine Put all those little things you love In vinegar and wine It ain’t Chinese […]

Bean Bowl – Gourds

yer half naked moth did good a rabbit jumps it a sheep makes it horse hockey piggly wiggly go cat […]

Waterbag – Gourds

The milky globes of Sunday The son of a donkey Is a son of donkey Oooo we all come down […]

January 6 – Gourds

So you can stand up and say all the words you wrote All along the fences, all along the lines […]

Up on High – Gourds

you know who chose the bones over the entrails dispatch the toothless yapping dog and while that dog was taking […]

I Like Drinking – Gourds

And I smoke reefer a’do much the same Between me and you – there’s ain’t nothing I wouldn’t do to […]

County Orange – Gourds

he didn¹t want to wear his white buckled shoes nor was barefoot his speed he didnt like grocery store feet […]

Ladies Choice – Gourds

well I guess this is where it all begins go in sandburg come out like ray charles an odor of […]

Lament – Gourds

and I don’t guess that would be a lie I could tell you that I was church of christ and […]

Rugged Roses – Gourds

in silence let them ring the precious humming of our hearts in silence let them sing may our phantoms find […]

Maria – Gourds

she comes from Guatamala she helps me get around she helps when I’m in trouble when the ice cream hit […]

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