Ride On – Grave Digger

When the war is over, Darkness all around No government, no industry The world is upside down Out in the […]

Tyrant – Grave Digger

The sun is grey and dark A coach runs through the shattered night Without a tone Four winds howl into […]

Hate – Grave Digger

Live in darkest dreams; drugs roam in my head. Nothing’s like it seems; still the blood is red. Myself is […]

Heart Attack – Grave Digger

There’s always fire ’round the night I want to grown into yourself Wiping out the wise below Watch you change […]

Yesterday – Grave Digger

Yesterday, when you left me on my own Yesterday, when you left my heart alone Yesterday, no, yesterday, no no […]

Shadowmaker – Grave Digger

I’m the king of destruction, the master of chaos. Leading the fools to the gates of hades. I’m weaving shadows, […]

Get Away – Grave Digger

in a place no one knows someone took the life of the man who killed my wife she’d been forced […]

Lionheart – Grave Digger

He’s the ruler, no one is bolder His steel – blue eyes won’t show no fear Reflecting the suffering of […]

Warchild – Grave Digger

Look like a kid, but I learned how to steal. Play children’s games, but my killing is real. Once was […]