Headbanging Man – Grave Digger

Full of agression, full of pains Stage is open, light comes up Metal kids go mad Count – down is on for the band Drunken women, drunken men Show their hands for fucking arse They bang their heads He’s a man, he’s a kid Wanna bang with you Headbanging man He’s man, he’s a kid […]

The Battle Of Flodden – Grave Digger

I must be off to battle, fortune it may bring. Fortune for the nobles. Death and Pain, life will be sold. Goodby my love, I must fight and I may die. The king is calling, I must obey, why do we have to kill. The Reaper laughs, I hear him still. Screams above the battlefield. […]

Shoot Her Down – Grave Digger

Dressed in black, Don’t look back. Lies that’s what she told Evil speel, Came from hell. Far from down below. Shoot her, Shoot her, Shoot her down. Shoot her down, I said down down down. Shoot her down, I said down down down. Shoot her down, I said down down down Shoot her down, I […]

Dolphin’s Cry – Grave Digger

Standing on a lonely shore, beauty does unfold Kissed by the dawning light, the sea is painted gold Never seen alike before, innocent and pure We never see, we just destroy, we run this planet down Refr. LIVING TO DESTROY LOOKING WITH CLOSED EYES GETTING SAD-AS I UNDERSTAND I SEE A DOLPHIN CRY Have you […]

The Spell – Grave Digger

Love made a fool of me I am betrayed by love I let her in my secrets, my heart I still fall for her beauty And the smell of her skin Shi gave a meaning to everything There in the woods she taught me how to touch a girl I taught her to enchant any […]

Emerald Eyes – Grave Digger

You’re a precious girt In a fragile shell with a rose coloured skin And a roses smell Your long golden hair Reflecting the light Your Emerald Eyes Twinkle like stars in the night Your smile shines brighter than the sun Your smile shines brighter than the sun You are my queen Choose who is worthy […]

Get Away – Grave Digger

in a place no one knows someone took the life of the man who killed my wife she’d been forced by a gang I swore that all would hang now their leader’s dead it was me who took his head Tonight I’m on the run but I won’t rest ’til it’s done on and on […]

The Round Table (Forever) – Grave Digger

Table of the finest wood Mankind has ever seen With out head and without foot A sign of eternity All knights are equal here And so is even the King Our swords point to its center Giving us the power to win Together we stand Steel in our hands Fighting forever Forever we stand Forever […]

Monks Of War – Grave Digger

Winners of the battle The Christians rule the Holy land In the East they settle Hugo de Payens A frenchman and duke Promises the King of Jerusalem To escort the piligrim route We are the monks Protectors of God A legend is born Worship the Lord Monks of war Killers in the East Monks of […]

Lionheart – Grave Digger

He’s the ruler, no one is bolder His steel – blue eyes won’t show no fear Reflecting the suffering of war so clear A knight, a leader, wearing England’s crown Richard the Lionheart wants to put the Moslems down He sets the sail, heading Outremer Defending the name he bears A man like a Lion […]

World Of Fools – Grave Digger

Let’s try reaching for the sky. Hang on and you’re gonna die. Our lives can turn so sweet. Child with an innocent smile. Destroys me all the while. Don’t be fooled when he cries. You sit there watching all go down. Live your life to a different sound. You fought for freedom, you’re fighting still. […]

Warchild – Grave Digger

Look like a kid, but I learned how to steal. Play children’s games, but my killing is real. Once was a kid, just normal as you were. Then soldiers came, killed and they burned. I lost my home, but I found a gun. I take their livees, just like they have done. You took my […]

Storming The Brain – Grave Digger

Night is cold and black. What is it that we are fighting for. Strike against the time. Is it true we live in ’84. Gotta change the line. Pathes of the past are left behind. Strap down those above, We wanna hate no more. Strap down those below, We wanna kill no more. Shake off […]

We Wanna Rock You – Grave Digger

We wanna roll you We… Back to stage, we return born again New and four, here we are, we come to rock Watch out, watch out What you feel is it real We Are back now Watch out, watch out Waht you feel is it real We are back now See the kids, hot for […]

Scotlad United – Grave Digger

Into battle. We will go. Conquer Lothian. To the river Forth. Overcome the Angels. Win the war. Defeated Ecgfrith. at Nectan’s Mere. Subdued the Picts. we feel no fear. Forge a kingdom. Take you down. Cut to pieces. In blood you’ll drown. Fires in the sky we saw for 30 days they shone. Fate is […]