Grind Bastard – Benediction

Discharge my stigma
Now I’m back to even the score
Bastard – was condemned through dignity
Mark my soul eternal
Abasing physically

Reduce your will coz I am the Grind Bastard
Fight the world with the strength within
Arise – I am the bastard, I shall win
Debased – revenge on those two faced
Derise – censure guilty I decry…..Opress
Consume – eat your words and siffer
Degrade – humiliate no other
Erode away your futile will
Harass you with exaction
Memorise my calling
I am the bastard, I am the bastard
Though the mills of god grind on….
….they grind so small
A lesson never learned
The bastards never fall

Grind bastard – Rage away ’til teh battle is won
Vex you in your torment
No remorse, grinding on
Bastard – Understand now your life is mine
Dispensing my anger
Flesh is meat, blood is wine
In pain – A world to bthe in sorrow
Grimace – At the Inquisition’s horror…..Confess
Intrude – Break the train of your thought
Enrage – Butchered now lie war torn
My principles are to die for

Your end arriving faster
I am the bastard, I am the end
Never find distraction
Grinding on reaction
Pain in vain – to retain
The bittersweet one
Rage away in torment
The old ways lie dormant
Your life’s mind – Yet sublime
This terror brought from…..Bastard
My needful lust is to direct your fate
Spiteful anger to reciprocate
Obsolete and yet I’m breathing still

Lyric Grind Bastard – Benediction