Grizzled Finale – Benediction

Offended by uncathed Exterior,
Unblemished Form provokes Mysteria.

Self Disqust will overpover,
Overriding Pain Acceptance,
Preservation of your cursed Hide,
Submits to Multilation.

Revel in your Attempts,
To create the ultimate Pain,
Death would Undermine,
Your frenzied Theatres,
No Wish for Final curtain
On Grizzled Finale

Pallor of your healthy Flesh,
Gives the undesired Effect,
You’d rather have it raw and crusted,
Reach for the sulphuric Acid.

Writhe in Burning Agony!

Powerless to reject.
Scarred Contentedness,
To ensure Pleasure lingers,
Amputate your Fingers.

Chorus Repeat

As Awarness plumments

Lyric Grizzled Finale – Benediction