Performer GUANO APES

Rain – Guano Apes

can’t wait until I feel your rain so unreal can’t find another place of your rain I believe I still […]

Get Busy – Guano Apes

what I need is a man by my shoulder what I am, what you are allright I’m sick of your […]

Suzie – Guano Apes

and I dream for a better, better glory god bless you and I bless you I’m angry why don’t you […]

Heaven – Guano Apes

I’m not at home bodies next to me onthe ground sons are running over your screen it is red now […]

Gogan – Guano Apes

just a tiny fool the whipper snapper to be your funny tool The time will come I’ll call a friend […]

No Speech – Guano Apes

do it slow I’m living on the bottom I got to go five little fingers grabbing at the glass gone, […]

Never Born – Guano Apes

brings me through the storm Life is full of anger maybe I’m dead again now maybe there’s life in me […]

I Want It – Guano Apes

I’m feeling like a buttercup we’re sailing around the world yeah, I like a kind of irony in my life […]

Mine All Mine – Guano Apes

I won’t run into the trap, something’s wrong, you’re under control your life has so much pain and if water […]