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I Want It – Guano Apes

I’m feeling like a buttercup we’re sailing around the world yeah, I like a kind of irony in my life Don’t you know, that I’m your angel Don’t you know, we are all paranoid Don’t you know, that I am angry Yes we come out at night and surprise you with our Right now, I […]

Mine All Mine – Guano Apes

I won’t run into the trap, something’s wrong, you’re under control your life has so much pain and if water burns,(the) white bearded man, sucks out your soul are you afraid, when I am strong far’s my mind, just my body that’s here You better run my darling it’s fear it’s now or never, nothing’s […]

Money & Milk – Guano Apes

in a world of money and milk your time goes by it’s so sad to see expose to lose your ground I’ll never be around You don’t try enough so you won’t get it You don’t try enough You’ll never get it perhaps we live in peradise and maybe noone cares miricles everyday, everywhere all […]