Performer GUNS N-ROSES

Breakdown – Guns N’ Roses

We come down from the wire An everybody warms themselves To a different fire When sometimes we get burned You’d […]

Dead Horse – Guns N’ Roses

Not that you’d care I’m not the only one with Whom these feelings i share Nobody understands, quite why we’re […]

My World – Guns N’ Roses

It’s a sociopsychotic state of bliss You’ve been delayed in the real world How many times have you hit and […]

Attitude – Guns N’ Roses

Attitude, ‘tsa fuckin’ attitude, I can’t believe what ya say to me, You got some attitude Inside that bitter brain […]

Coma – Guns N’ Roses

And i don’t think i wanna Ever come back to this…world again Kinda like it in a coma ’cause no […]