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Throughout Me, Threw Out You – Hades

Need you, desire in my blood for you At first, I had control For my worst distinguished feeling to be bold CHORUS: Syringe pulses into my veins Eyes roll back I’m in love again ??? I knelt, a bed has taken the cross’ place Hopeless, my guard went down Numbness, my smile’s converted to a […]

On To Iliad – Hades

Sitting on the sands of foreign shores What will it take to make you see the light Yesterday’s patronizing tears To prove the gods, wrong or right chorus: The road to ancient prophecies is long When will everybody sing your song Fearful foes emerging from the past We’re marching on to Iliad at last See […]

The Leaders? – Hades

Death has come to here We’re burning badly Filth up to my ears We’re screaming mad chorus: And I would like to know exactly Just what you have planned for us to do You claim to be the leaders Well who the hell on Earth is leading you? You sent us to fight While we […]

Rebel Without A Brain – Hades

You anger me beyond belief Lying for the sake of lying Right to my face As if I were as pathetically simple as yourself Using anything and everything for an excuse You’re twisting logical reasoning tight in a knot Twist it! Boycotting thought before action You’re so damn self-assured Further strangled by the results Of […]

Opinionate! – Hades

How ’bout we get a little honest with ourselves Let’s start to think! We’re only flaunting our lack of respect When we argue over opinions (chorus) You! You talk like it’s a fact I wish you could just listen to yourself and your… Opinions! From the way that you talk (Opinionate!) You’d think your word […]

I Too Eye – Hades

She’s dynamite in bed, isn’t that what’s in your head?! I see your hungry smile, you make me sicker all the while! (chorus) I’m gonna tell you what it’s all about The truth of the matter is You’re like a roach who sees a scrap of food I call it rude, yeah! Your middle-aged fantasies, […]

Face The Fat Reality – Hades

Your chart shows, truth you soundly deny The stars hold, your life’s blueprints You smirk and pass them by You just pass them by (You’re a) velvet hand inside an iron glove Alone there, praising the very thoughts you’re Thinking of (chorus) Your veil of charm is pulled back For all within sight To gaze […]

Sweet Revenge – Hades

See his memory fade Wife and daughter raped and killed one night Life’s rewards erased Only one thing to look forward to He wants his sweet revenge Stalking lifeless streets Target waiting for him underneath the light Hands that shake with rage Clutching ornamented bronze and steel Nerves that twitch with fear Like a soldier […]

Diplomatic Immunity – Hades

You get away with murder Self-righteous in a foriegn land It must be quite an intense feeling To have an entire nation in the palm of your hand Your rights are so wrong An insult to every citizen We’re all subject to this injustice Your immunity must meet its end! (chorus) If you’re to live […]