Performer HADES

In The Mean Time – Hades

Playing Hitler with defenseless pets As far as I’m concerned there’s no excuse I wouldn’t be surprised if you were […]

King In Exile – Hades

I have lived a life of wealth and splendor Anything I wanted I could easily buy (Locked away) from the […]

Deter-My-Nation – Hades

Keep us quiet, dismiss our ideas but for how long Let’s concentrate and reevaluate The economy’s sunk and we’ve all […]

Resist Success – Hades

Defeat our purpose But just which fate is worse? chorus: How long can we go on? We cannot sell ourselves […]

Doubt – Hades

It serves to fool and distract him While slowly everything’s haunted, cursed and stained His temple that was his home […]

Nightstalker – Hades

solo – Scott See the child, pentagram in hand There’s nothing that can stop him Psychopathic mind, misdirected wrath Towards […]

Colorblind – Hades

What is the matter Are you that high upon the social ladder Divide and conquer, you got it right Just […]

On To Iliad – Hades

Sitting on the sands of foreign shores What will it take to make you see the light Yesterday’s patronizing tears […]

The Leaders? – Hades

Death has come to here We’re burning badly Filth up to my ears We’re screaming mad chorus: And I would […]

Opinionate! – Hades

How ’bout we get a little honest with ourselves Let’s start to think! We’re only flaunting our lack of respect […]

I Too Eye – Hades

She’s dynamite in bed, isn’t that what’s in your head?! I see your hungry smile, you make me sicker all […]

Sweet Revenge – Hades

See his memory fade Wife and daughter raped and killed one night Life’s rewards erased Only one thing to look […]