Halls Of Desire – Tevin Campbell

come and take a walk, take a walk down the halls of desire.
I’ll do what you want, what you want i can take u higher.
these are the halls of desire.

verse 1:
door number 1 is for bestfriends
inside there’s simply a hug.
perhaps we’ll pass this one quickly
for emotionally never leads to love
door number 2 oo opens easy
but there’s only a kiss inside
you’re the only one who can tells us now,
will a kiss keep you satisfied? (will it baby)


Verse 2:
door number 3 is a good one
on occasion it can be the best kind
open it up and you’ll find
you’ll be against the wall in a slow, sexy grind.
after which you open door number 4
i can only tell you what’s not inside
if you open this door baby your clothes won’t take the ride
these are the halls of desire.
here we are at door number 5
and the feeling inside is immeasurable
over and over and over and all over
my hands do things pleasurable.

come take a walk
i’ll do what you want me to
i’ll take u higher (higher)
these are the halls of desire

your best bet is to skip door 6
we’ll just say it won’t bring u heaven
never will we mind we’ll just step inside door number 7

verse 3:
all of my love will surround you baby
what happens inside no one really knows
but if you go you’ll come out with a smile

Lyric Halls Of Desire – Tevin Campbell