I’ve Got Nerve – Hannah Montana

And that’s okay ‘Cause you will be asking for me one day Don’t want to wait In line The moment is mine believe me Don’t close your eyes ‘Cause it’s a chance worth takin’ And I think that I can shake you [Chorus:] I know where I stand I know who I am I would […]

Good And Broken – Hannah Montana

Candy coated Your life’s imploding now There’s a risk worth taking A pain worth aching On this hollow ground We can let go Don’t hold on to all of life’s hardest parts When we think of stopping Let’s keep on rocking The rhythm of our hearts We can Break out of here Jump on over […]

Let’s Dance – Hannah Montana

The moon is low in the sky I feel like going out Before the night passes by I won’t just sit around When life becomes a drag I dance I like the bass – turn it up I like the boom – turn it up I need guitar – turn it up I like that […]