East Northumberland High – Hannah Montana

Cause I don’t My problem isn’t that I kissed you I figured out That you’re nothing that I thought you’re about You’re just caught in a place That soon time will erase from my heart You’re my type of guy, I guess If I was stuck in East Northumberland High For the rest of my […]

Nobody’s Perfect – Hannah Montana

Everybody makes mistakes… Everybody has those days… Everybody knows what what I’m talkin’ ’bout… Everybody gets that way… [x2] Sometimes I’m in a jam I’ve gotta make a plan It might be crazy I do it anyway No way to know for sure I’ll figure out a cure I’m patchin’ up the holes But then […]

Clear – Hannah Montana

Cause I can’t stop thinking About the stuff you were saying to me And I can’t let is slide The paper’s not here yet the suns not up But I’m not afraid to tell you what I feel inside I had one of those dreams that makes it all so Clear to me now I […]

Just Like You – Hannah Montana

So what you see Is only half the story There’s another side of me I’m the girl you know But I’m someone else too If you only knew It’s a crazy life But I’m alright I got everything I’ve always wanted Living the dream So yeah, everything I’ve always wanted isn’t always what it seems […]

Pumpin’ Up The Party – Hannah Montana

Get up Get loud Start pumpin’ up the party now [x2] It’s the same old, same grind But we don’t feel we’re wasting time Not so bored that we can’t find a better way My friends, my kind No one’s gettin’ left behind If they did it’d be a crime That’s why we say Let […]

Best Of Both Worlds – Hannah Montana

Come on You get the limo out front Hottest styles, every shoe, every color Yeah, when you’re famous it can be kinda fun It’s really you but no one ever discovers In some ways you’re just like all your friends But on stage you’re a star You get the best of both worlds Chill it […]

I’ve Got Nerve – Hannah Montana

And that’s okay ‘Cause you will be asking for me one day Don’t want to wait In line The moment is mine believe me Don’t close your eyes ‘Cause it’s a chance worth takin’ And I think that I can shake you [Chorus:] I know where I stand I know who I am I would […]

Good And Broken – Hannah Montana

Candy coated Your life’s imploding now There’s a risk worth taking A pain worth aching On this hollow ground We can let go Don’t hold on to all of life’s hardest parts When we think of stopping Let’s keep on rocking The rhythm of our hearts We can Break out of here Jump on over […]

Let’s Dance – Hannah Montana

The moon is low in the sky I feel like going out Before the night passes by I won’t just sit around When life becomes a drag I dance I like the bass – turn it up I like the boom – turn it up I need guitar – turn it up I like that […]