Head In My Hands – Reamonn

Crouched your room
It happened to soon
I know
Insults were thrown
You think that youґd grown
by now
Feelings inside
start to subside
and grow
Where are you now (x2)
let me know

You got your head in your hands
stop screaming (x2)
stop screaming
Cause the world wakes up
and it pulls you in
you can do no wrong
itґs loving you still
Yeah the world wakes up…

Itґs loving you
Where are you now (x2)
Tell me
are you scratching your eyes
are you torn up inside
tell me
Did your walls tumble down
Did they push you around
to much
Have you nothing to say
are you running away
from the touch

You got your head in your hands…

Itґs loving you still

Lyric Head In My Hands – Reamonn