Headstrong – Seven Mary Three

Headstrong unwilling to listen to anyone at all
Keeps her head above the water
Keeps her head upon her shoulders
I know, I know, I know she has heard this all before
She don’t break, she don’t sink, don’t think, don’t think a thing… of me

Headstrong can fake an awkwardness
Silenced by the price of love
Don’t get too close in case, push comes to shove
Won’t be your favorite girl, won’t hear our favorite song
She’s heard that song before

I don’t mind
She knows the words I’m writing
We all need some pain
And remember
What you told me
We all bleed the same

Headstrong is making a list so long
Of all the people she has done and undone again, my name engraved
She doesn’t notice the things that I take for granted
Were my own to give, my own to give and take
She don’t break, she don’t sink don’t think
Don’t want to give or take my love, don’t break, don’t sink, don’t think… of me

Lyric Headstrong – Seven Mary Three