Performer HEART

Barracuda – Heart

I had to turn my heart away You smiled like the sun – kisses for everyone And tales – it […]

Things – Heart

Things aint what they used to be and that won’t change till we’re a hundred and three Let’s never try […]

Cry To Me – Heart

Stands inside the door You can’t find the easy rhymes Of times you had before And it hurts my heart […]

Devil Delight – Heart

Doin’ the slow slide into town, keep on going Darkness dancers get down, heavily hoping Stroking the stone soul, loving, […]

Down The Nile – Heart

This I didn’t plan now I understand we’re one We belong together no more time to fight Underneath the skin […]

Wild Child – Heart

When the green lights flash Too late to turn around When the love goes down Your fire my fate This […]

Make Me – Heart

Do I see promises never made or is it just a sweet surprise (chorus) Make me high ~ make me […]

Rage – Heart

It’s a neighborhood war better lock that door Flesh and blood and cold concrete Baby can’t make it. Baby can’t […]

Never – Heart

Stop yourself and listen Some things you can never choose Even if you try, yeah You’re bangin your head again […]

The Situation – Heart

Where they stamp your hand, wind up at a dance You want to energize, is it just by chance People […]

Bright Light Girl – Heart

Never knew no one like her She said “The world’s made up of angels Beautiful and fair.” She would give […]

Crazy On You – Heart

We might still get by Every time I think about it I want to cry With bombs and the devil […]

Sweet Darlin’ – Heart

You saved me I’m hummin’ From the lovin’ You gave me You went so far Where my feelings are Breathing […]

Black On Black II – Heart

Mama’s little pride and joy Both hands on her apron strings “Don’t you touch that dirty thing” A warning signal […]

Straight On – Heart

Didn’t take no chances I was a pris’ner of doubt. I knocked down the wailin’ wall Ain’t no sin Got […]

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