Heartsounds – Rebecca Lynn Howard

I can’t find the words to describe
How it feels being loved by you
I stand there like the cat’s got my tongue
Nothing’s ever left me speechless like you do
Each time when we’re together
There’s so much that I would like to say
And I think I’ve found a way

Listen to my heartsounds (ohh aah)
Every time that it pounds, I hear (ohh la la)
I just can’t hide the way I feel inside, no way (hey yeah)
Cause whenever you’re around (oh whoa)
It won’t settle down (Mmmmm)
Listen can’t you hear it calling your name

You make emotions come ove me
That take a heart to express
Ohh and if you listen carefully
You’ll hear the message beating in my chest
So I guess what I’m confessing
Is there’s no one who moves me like you do
If you ever doubt it’s true

Listen to my heartsounds (ohh aah)

Lyric Heartsounds – Rebecca Lynn Howard