Heavy In The Game – 2Pac

plus with this fame
I got enemies who’ll do anything ta break me
My attitude changed
got to tha point where I was driven
moneys my mission
just a nigga tryin ta make a livin’
These busta tricks don’t know no male
they spending they riches on scandalous bitches
plus they petrified of jail
it’s hell
plus all tha dealers want a meal ticket
jealous ass bitches
playa haten’ but we still kick it
always keep my eyes on tha prize
watch tha police
seen so much murder
neighborhoods getten no sleep
but still
I get my money on major
communicatin through my pager
niggas know me
don’t have no homies cause they jealous
I hustle solo
cause when i’m broke I got no time for tha fellas
ain’t nothin popin’ about no work nigga
I ain’t no joke
f**k what they sayin
and get your dough nigga
Heavy in tha Game

I don’t care what it did to Them
Tha Games been good ta Me

[Richie Rich]

Well, let me shoot some of this heavy type shit

Certain niggas wanna stick to tha game
you’s a trick to tha game
waitin’ upon your turn
so will you learn
ain’t no turns givin niggas be twisten and taken shit
putten they sack down
then putten they mack down
Me myself I hustle with finesse
Yes, i’m an Oakland baller
rule number one check game
if I show you gon’respect game
be your own nigga
meaning buy your own dope
cause that front shit is punk shit
something I never funked with
be true to this game and this game will be true to you
that’s real shit
see what this will do to you
that jackin’ and robin’ and dispisin’ your homie
ain’t healthy
niggas be ending up dead
befo’ they get wealthy
but not me tho
I’m sowing something major
so what I reap is boss
that’s why my public statis is floss
went from a
young nigga livin’ residential
to a
young nigga workin’ presidential

I Don’t care what it did to them
Tha Games been good ta me


I’m just a young black male
cursed since my birth
had ta turn to crack sells
if worse come to worse
headed for them pack jails
so maybe it’s a hearse
My only way to stack bail
is out here doin dirt
My decisions do or die
been hustlein’ since Jr. High
No time for askin why
getten’ high
getten’ mine
Put away my 9
cause these times call for four-five sales
cause life is hell and everybody dies
what about these niggas I despise
them loud talken’ cowards shootin’ guns into crowds
jepordiseing lives
shootem’ right between a niggas eyes
it’s time to realize
follow tha rules
or follow tha fools, then die
everybodies tryin ta make tha news
niggas confused
quit tryin to be an OG and pay your dues
if you choose to apply yourself
go with tha grain and come tha riches and tha bitches and tha fame
Heavy in tha Game

I Don’t care what it did to them
Tha Game’s been Good to me

Lyric Heavy In The Game – 2Pac