Help Me – Usher

down – But in my biggest picture – Was a photo of U and me – Girl you know I
try – I work hard to provide all the material things – That i thought would
make U happy – I’m confused – Can U make me understand – Cause I try to give U
the best of me – I thought we were cool maybe I was blind – But never took time
to see –
Chorus – Will U help me – Tell me what U want from me – Can U help me – Tell me
why U wanna leave – Baby help me – Without you my whole world is falling apart
– And I am going crazy – Life’s a prison when you’re in love alone – I need U
to come back home – I don’t wanna be alone –
Verse 2 – Girl I put your love up on a shelf – And i guess i just left it to
die – And now we’re not together – Cause I hurt U too many times – And now
you’re not around – I wish for every moment of time that got wasted – We used
it to make sweet love – Baby be my guide please take my hand – I want U to know

Lyric Help Me – Usher