Her Harvest Is My Prey – Vergelmer

As mighty portals to the abyss
Showing me a realm of crystal black
And in the midst stood I

Tears of blood then stain’d her cheeks
as white as the snow from Nuit’s black sky
From bright red lips I drank her blood
Enjoying her silent chant (like a choir of angels in fear…)

She grasped my arms until they bled
Our streaming wounds clashed, blending blood
I read in her eyes and on her lips
The secret of that realm, desired by mortals

And as her lips turned bluish white
The fire in her eyes was slowly quenched
Her chant drowned in the depth of fear
To the blackened sky (I raised my eyes…)

And there she stood, now fully stated
Once more risen from the realm of death
To reign for three more nights, in me
Through those chasms of pain (she accompanies me…)
As i held her corpse she turned so cold
As the night, lit by my goddess and our love

I learned, beholding her cold and white
I was stained with her blood and mine
(in true beauty…)

The acrid taste of iron
I was at one with her, my pale mother

Lyric Her Harvest Is My Prey – Vergelmer