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Bury Me Deep Inside Your Heart – Him

Hear you say it’s not alright Let me be self dead and gone So far away from life Close my eyes Hold me tight And bury me deep inside your heart All I ever wanted was you, my love You…all I ever wanted is you, my love Your’re all I ever wanted, just you Let […]

Sigillum Diaboli – Him

Don’t have the strength to carry your heavy load of life I’m your christ to die on you I just woke up for hers and you know it as well as I do I can’t see through your eyes, bring your tears on me I will live the body for your shoulder just have to […]

Resurrection – Him

When I could breath my life in you One by one Your pale fingers started to move And I touched your face And all life was erased You smiled like an angel (falling from grace) We’ve been slaves to this love From the moment we touched And keep begging for more Of this resurrection We’ve […]

Losing More Than You’ve Ever Had – Him

And I feel how you burn you hate in my soul It’s like I’d have my hand in your arms And feel the stainless start of a second Years – have gone by I know that she’s left you Before I passed by Man – it’s been a long time since you’ve lost her heart […]