Hold My Own – Biohazard

tries to hold me down
But guess what? I ain’t fucking around
You can’t deny the pride
that I have shown
I grind hard and I must hold my own
Coming from the gutter
It’s so hard to get ahead
Taking no one’s bullshit
and working for my bread
The future don’t look positive,
the rat race holds me down
What a struggle keeping
two feet on the ground
Someday I’ll have my peace of mind
I’ll keep fightin’, one day I will find
A decent life where self-respect is shown
Until then I must hold my own
Always under pressure
I take things as they come
Always looking up,
look out for number one!
My views got you in check,
I never back down,
I pack a hard punch,
and I always stand my ground

Lyric Hold My Own – Biohazard