Horta Funebra (Including Penuria) – Argentum

refleja la lugubre penuria del ser
humano, hacia 1348 hacinabas muertos
por decenas y tu vida era la muerte, arrebatassste la flor de mi vida,
pero aun asi me funesto deseo es adorarte.

In the desolation the whole, scenario, the only sound is the constant moaning of the
wind, overhead the immense sky is hazy black and resurgence of life is over. La muerte
negra, spreads her ehinous wings and descending against human race, gathering of pale
flowers, flowers on black veil,
people sleep in suffering everyday.
(chorus) Trionfo della morte
as a crack in mankind
thus, completing their cycle
in vitae in morte di horta funebra
No one will deny that bleakness, on symptom of the seventh doomplague terrestrial cal-
vary mirrored a paradise in debris and sweetmisery regina matter putrefactio, the hadez
followed with her a precious ange with fluttering dismay, seemed to become an enor –

Lyric Horta Funebra (Including Penuria) – Argentum