Hostile Intentions – Black Dawn

Don’t you fuckin’ lie to me just to save some face.
You’ve plagued us all with your thoughts and your disillusions.
You’d die for me kill for me take away this pain.
The smallest thing as a friend sorry you couldn’t be.
Speak not to me with hostile intentions.

Turn around and look at me shadows without a soul.
I’ve fallen down onto my knees to crawl out from this hole.
Just a man without a face drifting out of sleep.
Insecurity consuming you as your mind swallows you deep

Blood shot eyes and swollen veins wont heal your soul.
When I take I take to heal but misery sleeps with me.
A talking myme cloudy mind lacidazical.
When you take you take to steal so misery wakes with me.
When I’m wasted sinkin’ down.
Down into this chair.
This desert moon surrounds me and the sand becomes my bed.


I think there’s something really sad about the way you live your life.
You always want respect from me well respect me not you die.

Lyric Hostile Intentions – Black Dawn