Angel Of Your Heart – Human Nature

You’ve been here – walking next to me Just a friend – I thought was all I needed Now I realise what a fool I’ve been Here I am – the greatest of pretenders Always looking – but too afraid to see That this feeling going on inside me Is a love that was always […]

She’s Back – Human Nature

To get my heartbeat back Just when I’m ahead Returning from the dead She’s back again… She knows just what to say She always gets her way Just when I was free She’s back inside of me She’s back again chorus So tell me why the hell I hear music Every time she calls I […]

Don’t Come Back – Human Nature

If you’re only gonna break me down Don’t be like that ‘Cause I’ve given you my heart Don’t play it After all is said and done I believed I was the one Love is not a game of hit and run Baby Chorus Don’t come back Till the day you love me Say goodbye Ain’t […]

House Of Cards – Human Nature

Made of people I know It shelters me every day My house is a part of the world Where live and let love Is all we have to say And if you want you can go there All you have to do is believe and Chorus Open your eyes and you can see them The […]

Love Is A Fire – Human Nature

Every time you call my name – yeah Every time you throw a smile at me Every time I feel the same That this is forever That I’m not afraid Nothing’s gonna take it away Chorus Love is a fire Love is an ocean Love is the way you set my heart in motion Love […]

When We Were Young – Human Nature

When we were young Remember when We started out as friends We were one and the same Don’t even think that I knew your name That was then So many things have changed But looking back on the days It’s good to see that we are still the same Sometimes I wish that innocence would […]

He Don’t Love You – Human Nature

If I was your man I’d be here every day If I was your man I wouldn’t treat you that way He’s never home, he never calls How can you tell me he’s yours If I was him and you were mine Girl you’d know it for sure If you were my girl I’d give […]

Haunted – Human Nature

I see your face In each window pane In a house without your light Anymore Just don’t feel the same If my mind could speak What my heart would say I’ll let it be and go away Midnight’s gone And it’s been too long Now I’m a shadow of myself You left me wanting nothing […]