Paradox – Hypocrisy

I’m trying to find my soul there Can I ever feel the warmth? I am in need I hope they […]

Abducted – Hypocrisy

Something else took control They came to grab me (into my room) as I was sleeping in my bed They […]

Roswell 47 – Hypocrisy

as they crashed to be a project of science The experiment; We’ll make sure it won’t last Unexpected??? once The […]

Blinded – Hypocrisy

and i„§ m the death oooh, the death arrived now it„§ s too late ready for death your end… is […]

Dominion – Hypocrisy

????????? To feed your mind against yourself. To become??? machine. Read my mind as I read yours. Do you see, […]

Path To Babylon – Hypocrisy

Destroying all that’s good Crush Christianity and let Satan loose Fake your ways And give us a sound And let […]

Nightmare – Hypocrisy

wallowing in sweat. I’m the worst of dreams you ever feared. I’m in your dreams – I’m in your soul. […]