Time Warp – Hypocrisy

Looking for euphoric end. Searching for the perfect end. Running for you useless. They’ll try to break your empty mind. […]

Inquire Within – Hypocrisy

My body is beginning to disapear. (My mind is playing tricks on me?) I am being turned inside-outiside (Oh God […]

The Final Chapter – Hypocrisy

I’m aware of them. Of they’re taking spermsamples in many different ways. They’ve done it in many different ways. With […]

Fuck U – Hypocrisy

What you think of me? Who the fuck do you think you are? To judge me for the things I […]

Killing Art – Hypocrisy

Pull the trigger, now you’re dead Slave race abandoned Another crucifixion??? from beginning Like a motherfuckin’ massacre Take your ball […]

Left To Rot – Hypocrisy

A prince of evil – to conquer your dreams. I said why you dont perish friend of the unjoy. I […]

Slipping Away – Hypocrisy

Realise the nonsense of existing Start to put to an end to this lost life (There) ain’t no change for […]

Sodomized – Hypocrisy

? time warp the blood is? your life has just begun ? you can make it so struggling for your […]

Last Vanguard – Hypocrisy

Even when I drink, nowhere to hide! Death there. Death there. Everything’s dying now, and supposed to go in flames. […]

Carved Up – Hypocrisy

My only crime was being born. RAPING! The only thing I really enjoy. Tie her down to the bed, Pillow […]

Buried – Hypocrisy

I love the taste of flesh You aren’t awake to pay for death Life in gulps You struggle for it […]

A Coming Race – Hypocrisy

The answer’s always been near. It is our destiny. Away from a screeching people. Waiting to destroy ourselves. They can’t […]

Impotent God – Hypocrisy

Screaming through the soul. You’re thinking like a god. Satan not surprised. The darkness has arrived. A smash between the […]

Evil Invaders – Hypocrisy

Terrorises everyone it can. The wretch that comes to those who want to live as you can. Turn against the […]

Lies – Hypocrisy

And how come we are still killing ourselves? Going back and forth. ????? Open new doors. Don’t get too close […]

Paradox – Hypocrisy

I’m trying to find my soul there Can I ever feel the warmth? I am in need I hope they […]

Abducted – Hypocrisy

Something else took control They came to grab me (into my room) as I was sleeping in my bed They […]

Roswell 47 – Hypocrisy

as they crashed to be a project of science The experiment; We’ll make sure it won’t last Unexpected??? once The […]

Blinded – Hypocrisy

and i„§ m the death oooh, the death arrived now it„§ s too late ready for death your end… is […]

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