Blinded – Hypocrisy

and i„§ m the death oooh, the death arrived now it„§ s too late ready for death your end… is here oooh, millions die in vain time is running out there is no way to escape and you chose the pain ? and bring the death oooh, nothing to worry they say in… ready for […]

Resurrected – Hypocrisy

to give the earth a way to live my bed is? just a take of the sky to fool you into my tribe you will be free i am the devil i will control your mind so let me in you fear my enter are you creation of me and your patience of my? end […]

Mind Corruption – Hypocrisy

to drag you off the streets. They’ll give you food and shelter, to leave you to bleed. They’ll take all your money, destroy all your clothes. They’ll kill you for religion. Then go looking for more. Wretched scum of the earth, They are waiting for rebirth. A release from the demon… Whom they need to […]

Digital Prophecy – Hypocrisy

a new level of hate he’ s coming away on a different level of hate prepare for sin radio controls your mind the? i’ m on your screen lead from behind make you right i am your digital god abuse generations of religion i am your digital god guiding a gameshow have you the blessing […]

The North Wind – Hypocrisy

It will take you away Murdered the same (or, that’s what they say, or put you to sea) Tear apart what’s left of your body (Tear you apart, sweep up your body?) You will be left to rot on your knees (under the leaves?) You will stop breathing As you pass away Suffocate Your skin […]

Dominion – Hypocrisy

????????? To feed your mind against yourself. To become??? machine. Read my mind as I read yours. Do you see, what I feel. I can throw your??? Don? t you try to block me out. I am creator. Universal dominator. The source of eternity I am the black hole A flick of my finger I […]

Total Eclipse – Hypocrisy

made you right to be upon me only be out to take their life forever i’ll be free come to me? right into the sky i’m the seprent god it will be the final eclipse drown in the empty rivers are running warm delusion? a bubbling sun does infect insanity ? always high beautiful chaos […]

Elastic Inverted Visions – Hypocrisy

I can feel it! All your energy is low. You better believe it. I’ll destroy you with my hand. You will be gone. In time we’ll see the things we’ve done. I’ll see you in hell. The killing gives me all the pleasure. Just to see you fade away and turning to stone. Yeah!!! I’ll […]

Fire In The Sky – Hypocrisy

they came to earth to put the life on the? and? basically? before running for the life secret abducted for the reason you can scream but you can’ t hide running from the shadow will i ever be free struggling for my life what could they want from me the emission of your private life […]

Selfinflicted Overload – Hypocrisy

for the termination of life As humans fill the earth, they’ll destroy it and divide ??? dripping from my head Their terror never ends and when I see my face in the mirror I just want to take my life Do you hunger for life? I’m taking mine I won’t get ’em all Terror from […]

Request Denied – Hypocrisy

The government? s coverup frights your life (far to long?) Keep your mouth shut, of what you have seen or your body parts will spread around for tring to proving missing time Don? t you see (For those who have seen?) the terror has begun not for the things you? ve been through but the […]

Path To Babylon – Hypocrisy

Destroying all that’s good Crush Christianity and let Satan loose Fake your ways And give us a sound And let us know the time in here In dark religion, Those who never sacrifice are killed The true believer When no one is alive The real freedom To let one die The path will lead me […]

Inseminated Adoption – Hypocrisy

I’m running through my head. Is it just another suicidal dream? I lost control. They begin the work. Realities are a major terror. Into suffer, my life would follow. Know-it-alls, but can’t see, what’s been done to me. SAVE ME! Murdered before livin’ life. Better take your weak into the morgue. Your lame I can […]

Deathrow (No Regrets) – Hypocrisy

and i ain’ t no sin they will take me to the electric chair hahaha no remorse and no regrets all those have sins to take aware i and my demons ? they all? trying to chose me and hearing screams my only protection is? gone dying the? suppose again by the? getting over soon […]

Nightmare – Hypocrisy

wallowing in sweat. I’m the worst of dreams you ever feared. I’m in your dreams – I’m in your soul. You never get away from here, and thats my goal. You’ve always tried to run away… …but i’m in your dreams – and i’m alive! Whoa ha ha… I rule your dreams! I am your […]