I Am – Zebrahead

Let me set it straight on the topics that I’m flowing on.
Like Chuck D, Public Enemy to the nation.
Or, call me Busta Rhymes, cuz that’s my occupation.
Hip hip hop make your body rock, slam raw rps and rhythms that make you pop lock.
Hip hip hop on the non-stop take it up a notch and watch the beat drop.


(CHORUS)I am, I am. I’m only here cuz I want to be.
I am, I am. You don’t give a damn Cause’ you’re a wannabe (x2).

Now my rhymez are so phat they make Biggie look small, and if you ain’t down with that, then we bound to brawl.
Cuz I got heart like De La Hoya, and if you still don’t know then I’ll show ya.
Cuz I’m a straight refugee like a L-Boogie, never go limp but I do it for the nookie.
Got rhymes like Jennifer Lopez gotz ass.
Slap the backboard like Shaq, cuz I dunk off a pass.


One two one two here we go. I’m a straight pimp like a Lewinsky is a ho.
I can go psycho like Buscemi in Fargo.
And, like Chris Tucker, hydroponics keep me high yo.

Lyric I Am – Zebrahead