I Get Around – TQ

Last week in Atlanta
I met her at the FreakNik
In a black truck
with a short haircut
& a gang of her homies
And she was on me cuz she said she liked Cali men
So that translated to grits and cabbage early in the morning
She used to scream “;TQ I’ll do anything that you want me to
Just come stay with me.”;
Girl that’s somethin’ that I can’t do
It ain’t nothin’ wrong with you
Don’t take it personal
Let me explain to you

As for me
I just wanna fuck around tonight
But then I gotta leave
Have to be the only one to work your body right
Didn’t you know I was a G? (Don’t ya get mad at me)
Because I never spend the night (So give me yo’ keys)
Can’t you see
I ain’t settlin’ down
No I ain’t settlin’ down
Cuz I get around

Why you lookin’ so surprised?
Was you thinkin’ different?
Ain’t got no problem with firin’ up the candlelight
But you gon’ have to finish ’em
Cuz I ain’t got time for Valentine presents
I make sure I’m always outta town that day
And if I don’t return your message
Don’t go gettin’ mad, I’ll get around to it one day


It ain’t no need to tell you no lies
I don’t want no new girlfriends
No no no
Everytime I think about

Lyric I Get Around – TQ