I Tried (Interlude) – Total

Then there’s no need for us to talk.
(Why, oh why did you do it)
I’m being a friend by telling you this,
Wait, wait, I know there’s nothing I could say,
Or could do to go back,
But honestly I tried.
I tried to stay away from him,
But you just kept bringing him ’round.
(You were sleeping with my baby)
And I don’t know, something about his eyes,
I’m sorry.
(Why, oh why did you do it)
I tried to block him out of my mind,
(I thought you was a friend)
But it just wouldn’t go away.
So if you’re gonna phone anybody,
(I’ma phone you)
I think I’m the person you wanna talk to.
(Why oh why)

Lyric I Tried (Interlude) – Total