Category: IMMORTAL

Withstand The Fall Of Time – Immortal

Darker and darker skylines of red grew my horizon on the egdes of my vision a giant grimfaced realm… Flaming suns crested the horizon shadows born a cloudless day believers of the rise and set of the moon darkened twilight into night… Hardening claws of cold tell me we are closer to colder times through […]

Solarfall – Immortal

Believe the sea high waves upon our coming storm hear the roaring tide as we name a dawn See the ice in which we craft our souls earth’s frozen cries the dark benight your kind Monstrously the seas rage afar as if to hide from that which nears skyward from the seasalt air our vision […]

Winter Of The Ages – Immortal

I stride puposefully through the snow To the icy vasts at dusk Crystals swirl by northed dim Majestic be this winter Winterdemons winterbeasts Further my visionary means Blast into dominance Milleniums filled with pride Winters of hate winters of pain Winters of sorrow These winters awaits Nebular fog aurora fog Await us all in this […]

As The Eternity Opens – Immortal

In an hour of the night I hear summoning voices And wake from my funeral sleep In time before light in crypts of eternal deeps Dust from my grave blew away with the winds On a cryptic journey unto the other side Beneath the mountains and passed beyond the gate below Floating evil reign with […]

Nebular Ravens Winter – Immortal

Damnation calls Final beasts clone the earth Immortal victory Winters bane upon the masses Snow spiraling towards auroral clouds Clear nebulous visions sight Soulwinds fall into the dark ice realms Where you now reach far Blackwinged ravens cry for tragedies to come Lurking with snowfall By doom they drag the robe of ice Frozen of […]

Where Dark And Light Don’t Differ – Immortal

Barbaric tempered steel strike forth and toll our days the red and black of our victorian crest We flag beneath… beneath the solar seas we grant as the might to conquer so spread be our wrath… Meet the voice of us darkblind souls as it blasts from an open sky victorious we live over all […]