Performer IMMORTAL

Blizzard Beasts – Immortal

Wintriness lurk within enlocked realms Strengh beheld our demonthrone Supernal journeys from the shrine Beyond the spiritside Yearing in beastworlds […]

Battlefields – Immortal

Smeel the battle with the wind Before you see us Winterhorde of fury ride The wind will lead us Banner […]

Triumph – Immortal

It’s a dark time Darker than all days before Darker that all years before It’s a cold age Colder than […]

Frostdemonstorm – Immortal

Arctic wintery worlds in mind Possessed forever By the chains of time Beastly crafts comes with the snow We bring […]

My Dimension – Immortal

Eyes of stone Eyes of ice are watching me Their glimpsing light comes in my sleep Chained in a dream […]

Pure Holocaust – Immortal

The mighty sound of damnation calls As the holocaustsky draw near Above the sorms over baeskade Rule the power of […]

Noctambulant – Immortal

Shadowed you fall Iced soul in the shivering sphere Bestial sound of wintercall Bitter cold comes whispering Noctambulance spread its […]

Solarfall – Immortal

Believe the sea high waves upon our coming storm hear the roaring tide as we name a dawn See the […]

Nebular Ravens Winter – Immortal

Damnation calls Final beasts clone the earth Immortal victory Winters bane upon the masses Snow spiraling towards auroral clouds Clear […]