Stand Or Fall – Impellitteri

Under the haze of the city lights Wasting away and he’s starting to fade into winter The music is calling his name Never will life be the same again I share it with you and together the vision will lead us Stand or fall Together we can have it all Whenever I look in your […]

Power Of Love – Impellitteri

It give me strength to carry on It’s the only hope that keeps me alive, When I feel I can’t go on Out in the streets I’ve seen a thousand empty eyes Never surrender, no, take the power of love When you’re down so low, the only way is up, Just try reaching for the […]

Paradise – Impellitteri

To fill this hole in my heart I’ve tried everything I could find Nothing could set me apart I’ve been searching for all my life I know there is no one like you Looking back over the years Wasting so much precious time All of the heartbreak and tears I’ve cried Lead me to this […]

Burning – Impellitteri

I see you stand there Shadows in my mind Closing my eyes The dreams come rushing back And they’ve got control of me You’ve taken me by surprise, oh You’ve got me hypnotized Burning, Burning in my mind Burning, I’m burning for your love . Remember the days Finding the rainbow’s end Wish upon a […]

Tears In The Eyes Of The World – Impellitteri

Can you feel suffering? In the eyes of young America, the tears begin to fall The streets are filled with predators and broken hearts Shot down and left for dead, so victimless crime Those satellites are watching everything decline Words have been spoken, promises broken Tears in the eyes of the world Anger, frustration, mind […]

Play With Fire – Impellitteri

You can feel it hold you tight And I know just where you go ’cause you’re hiding from the light You can’t deny the fear in your mind Walk before you run ’cause you’re Under the gun Feeling it burn inside, Knowing what’s on the line There’s still time to turn away You’ve only just […]

Grin And Bear It – Impellitteri

In the hot desert sand I’ve paid my dues all my life And now it’s out of my hands Take a look inside, nothing ever comes easy When it’s cold outside, keep your passion alive You’ve got to grin and bear it Don’t let it get you down You’ve got to grin and bear it […]

Kingdom Fighter – Impellitteri

Unseen and out of sight, the spirit world within The battle rages on, the war behind the scenes It’s not your flesh and blood, but the powers in between In the shadows of the night You’re caught between darkness and light In the shadows of your mind You choose between wrong and the right Kingdom […]

Since You’ve Been Gone – Impellitteri

Same time every night Fall to the ground then I wake up So I get out of bed Put on my shoes and in my head Thoughts slide back to the break up These four walls are closing in Look at the fix you put me in *Since you’ve been gone Since you’ve been gone […]

Endless Nights – Impellitteri

I’ve got my cashbox baby, Gonna meet my friends down at the strip, gonna get me some lip Jump in my limo, gonna make the scene, gonna cruise the boulevard With the latest beauty queen, one lean machine We’re up all night to cruise the streets For every mile there’s a party to see This […]

Rat Race – Impellitteri

Like you, I’m caught up in the race I’m addicted to the rush, under stress, a prisoner And I don’t even know my name Sometimes I feel like I’ve been wasting precious time Life passes by when you’re slaving to the grind What really matters when I cross the finish line Am I wasting my […]

I’ll Wait – Impellitteri

but they don’t know all the pain I feel so I ask you now, won’t you be my guide and maybe hold me to the end of time and if I look into your eyes what will I see will it be the answer the the mystery I’ll wait for you tonight I’ll wait with […]

I’ll Be With You – Impellitteri

Because I’ll always know the truth When I’m walking through the fire I know I will never lose I hear the sweet voice of the love I can’t deny I will surrender to the love I know is mine I will remember your promises When I’m cold, your arm’s around me When I’m high, you […]

Hold The Line – Impellitteri

wrapped around your heart so you will never be alone can’t you see I want to give you all you need don’t you know by now there’s no future in the past when life goes by so fast- just hold the line (hold the line) life’s a journey til the end of time (hold the […]

Everything Is You – Impellitteri

Since you came into my life Feel your love electrify You steal away the night Down so low and maybe more My back’s against the wall Turned and saw the face of love The price you paid it all Everything I do and everything I say Everything I need is you Every little word and […]

Father Forgive Them – Impellitteri

Dancing with the devil, gonna walk all over you Turn your back to reason, sanding on your pride For everything’s a season and there’s no where you can hide I don’t know, I don’t know where you’re going But time is so tight Mother teach your children, your innocence won’t last Face the grand illusion, […]

Walk Away – Impellitteri

Screaming in silence, it’s tearing you apart Burning with vengeance, need an answer for your soul Consider the damage, got nothing you can show And as you travel on the road of desperation You always wonder what your life could be And as you’re going though the trials and tribulation I hope someday you see […]

The Young And The Ruthless – Impellitteri

No it doesn’t really matter at all It doesn’t really matter to the kid any more No it doesn’t, doesn’t, doesn’t Little Stevie’s got a Forty-seven Got one thing on his mind And he’s boasting all the time Making it clear he’s got nothing to fear When he’s running with the pack Rushing down the […]

City’s On Fire – Impellitteri

Sleeping on the concrete and he’s thinking out loud When’s the man gonna bring the candy cane Selling dreams in the city lights A stranger’s kiss is the dead man’s bite It’s a shame when their falling threw the cracks When the sun goes down, that’s when the night rages on When the thrill is […]

Secret Lover – Impellitteri

Never lost a game She preyed upon my innocence Shot me down in flames And if I should abuse her She won’t let me forget Her spirit sleeps within my blood The pillows soaking wet *And when your voice is never heard You speak the language of the world Secret lover comfort me I’m drowning […]