Fly Away – Impellitteri

you can hear the city rage another one kills and another one dies and another one shares the pain see […]

Stand In Line – Impellitteri

In front of the cigarette vendor Slicking back his hair looking at the machine Reflecting like a mirror Pulling up […]

Paradise – Impellitteri

To fill this hole in my heart I’ve tried everything I could find Nothing could set me apart I’ve been […]

Burning – Impellitteri

I see you stand there Shadows in my mind Closing my eyes The dreams come rushing back And they’ve got […]

Rat Race – Impellitteri

Like you, I’m caught up in the race I’m addicted to the rush, under stress, a prisoner And I don’t […]

Walk Away – Impellitteri

Screaming in silence, it’s tearing you apart Burning with vengeance, need an answer for your soul Consider the damage, got […]