Category: IMPIOUS

Born To Suffer – Impious

Welcome to my lair Thou wilt be my guest Falling down the stairs Your beauty I detest Forever you will stay the cellar is your hall It’s no use praying I chain you to the wall You are my playing field Your screaming echoes through To pleasure you will yield As I’m entering you… Born […]

Anthem For The Afflicted – Impious

Hear my anthem for the afflicted Listen to your faith To your fall I am addicted, caressing you with hate You’re the shame of God’s creation, the blackness of his work Lowest form of creatures Below the blind you lurk So deeply I hate you, Godless scum! Deform my paradise With salvation I have come […]

Don’t Kiss My Grave – Impious

( Solo: Еkesson ) Lightning strikes! It’s time… All sins are gone everything is so clear Winds of fire made my path Take my soul to the unknown half Wounded hate I keep in blackness Misery is what I am and see I can’t breed in life Give me strength that forever lasts My beauty […]