Imploder – Comecon

the moustached whipper
I dream of a heavenly vessel,
where god would be the skipper
But I’m scared for it darkens, I sense powers come aloose
And I’m lost, I’m of no use, like a coin without a flipper

From here I can see all the good of the world
All the bad of the world, anything of the world
I see seals go abroke, I hear hooves across the skies
I see a black horse, a red one, I see scourge and demise

But what I thought was without
is now gathering within
It’s floating on inwards as the chaos begins
And when I’m swallowed by turmoil,
outside new life sprouts
The sun’s coming back – I fade and go out

Vessels sink, men go under
I don’t wanna die, it feels like cancer
A bridge-collapse, a train that flies
I’m scared of the screams that fill the skies
You’re not gonna die, he says, he lies

Lyric Imploder – Comecon