In Eternal Bliss – Accelerator

I have to realize the shattered past
in my confused subsconsciousness
I can’t seperate the lies from the truth
no tears washed away my grief
I ever have to suffer my sceptical thoughts
emptiness fullfilled my sorrows
emptiness cuts deep in my heart

a tumor called fustration
pale of distress in a grey coloured time
the loss of cheerful sweetness
no wistfull wishes of warmth and love
in weakness I praise the autumn
in the depths of silence I lying in wait
emptiness fullfilled my sorrows
loneliness cuts deep in my heart

like an owl, I haunt trough the night
some strange thoughts in my mind
imagination or reality
on the path into insanity…

like a bird, I spread out my wings
some dying dreams, sweet memories
black clouds on a raging sky
on the flight into eternity…

open your mind to see, you will face yourself
hear the sounds of billow,
when the wind howl goodbye

you’re failed in every pass of your life
…in eternal bliss
you’ve tried to live each others dreams
…in eternal bliss
try to embrace your shamfull past
…the seeds of bliss
try to find the seeds of bliss
…the seeds of bliss

a halfhearted life that calls out for changes

Lyric In Eternal Bliss – Accelerator