Category: IN FLAMES

Moonshield – In Flames

collecting the tragedies still Hollow ambitions in a hollow mind carried my cross to the hill And how I lust for the dance and the fire taste of the nectarine sunset to drink spill me the wind and the fire to steal of the colors-I’m the moonshield Shattered hope became my guide and grief and […]

Crawl Through Knives – In Flames

I need the fear. Push me out Ohh be brave Show me signs Should I feel shame for the questions that I have with you? If you could be The things I need. (I’ll crawl through knives An inch per tear.) These knees, they bleed for you. (Let the colour persuade the hate That you […]

My Sweet Shadow – In Flames

A world out of my mind Ready to explode in purity to fill the holes inside An ever moving stream with glowing rays of light Emotions tied to past lies and I know I should let go Tamed with confidence of a brighter future I found a flame in the burnt out ashes… burn out, […]

Everlost (part I) – In Flames

Lights are dim My tearful windows Through wich no emotions pass Starvation of senses claws my soul Answer me Are these walls my only shelter From the bleeding atmosphere Take me from this land “I deliver thee from this agony A storm to cleanse thee” Mine is the right to be Maelstrom of the everlost […]

Jester Script Transfigured – In Flames

Cre-age-aeon new beginning held in infinite vacuum Biotronic test-world free of inscription devoid of the echoes of man noble savage cyborg In the cold ceremonial perfection more radiant than the sum of suns with each and every attribute of animal machine and man Dystopia ElectroHeart the grotesque and the linear took one final giant blow […]

System – In Flames

I stumble and I fall Our adaptation can’t be faithful Your world does not attract me This is the end you see There is no more truth in me As if you would deserve it You are my enemy I can’t ignore the way you make me bleed I hate when you throw my thoughts […]

Leeches – In Flames

Like leeches “Ignorance we trust” If you say this way, I’ll take that way Fuel for the fire on which I thrive Spit me out I’m glad I don’t belong Save me the speech [I know] You’ll be forgotten and gone It burns, it rips, it hurts Leeches, they preach to us Words of wisdom […]

Dead God In Me – In Flames

from childhood? s Seven Moons the palette stained with the ejaculated passions (of forbidden, hedonistic colours…) Strike from omnipotence; all-seer, all-deemer, and haunt my severed country with your dripping, secret games You picked the unripe lilies, deflored and peeled the bleeding petals made known to me the grainy stains, the crimson lotus of the Black-Ash […]

Land Of Confusion – In Flames

Been haunted by a million screams But I can hear the marching feet They’re moving into the street Now did you read the news today They say the danger’s gone away But I can see the fire’s still alight Burning, burning into the night There’s too many men Too many people Making too many problems […]

Borders And Shading – In Flames

Want to see your faults As a part of your pretty skin Everyone has a tragedy I want you to wear yours in pain Oblivion can no longer shade you Reminded by the tattered tissue (come in) Bleak silence Errors stigmatized in you A weak worn out friend There’s nothing left for me Again and […]

Satellites And Astronauts – In Flames

I’ve been stumbling through reality I play my symphony in reverse In search for that special path Be gentle to the tear in this I Lonesome arms, lost its wings again Buy me a trip to the moon So I can laugh at my mistakes I can see the end from here From this perspective […]

Superhero Of The Computer Rage – In Flames

I’ve been chosen You think it’s over But I’m ready to go I am what you fear I have been chosen The world as you know it just died It’s the end of all time I am a surprise Even to myself I’m a genious Superhero of the computer age In plastic I’ll bury I […]

F(r)iend – In Flames

They turned me into an outsider I never heard from them again So ironic when you called for a favor today It’s always easy to judge But takes a lot to be specific ’cause as you preach you’re opening the door To your egos past There was a day when I could forget I could […]

Like You Better Dead – In Flames

Just watch me burn (need to be motivated) I think you’re way to cold Just watch and learn I’ll never sleep here anymore My house is not my home I like you better dead I’m better off alone Destiny will you cure me? Trust will you age with me? Hear me scream as i face […]

Dial 595-Escape – In Flames

Fear in me so deep You push me out, I feel far The absence, close to me The otherside I crawl You push me out, I fall Heal my wounds with everything Away you complicate me Sick of cycles, drop to zero A while just like last times My least favourite re-run Sick of cycles, […]

Biosphere – In Flames

Blood freezes in my veins I wish you were here beside me To release me from my pain Last night you promised me You were still in love with me Please come set me free From my misery I love you Truth be told I’m completely numb It got this way I don’t know how […]

Touch Of Red – In Flames

I’m not supposed to be like this I should be on the top of the world Is anybode out there like me? I followed – something’s missing Self control – forcing me down Whispers consume the air Above her I’m endless When the rain comes falling I’ll freeze, I’m so afraid When things start to […]

Minus – In Flames

Like the floodtide drowning the shore Drug me, you are all over me Watch my blood begin to boil I love that lullaby Start me up again Electric spine Open mind I leave you, negative behind Watch me all in flames, on a butterfly I ride Inhale the light Relax for some time The world […]

Watch Them Feed – In Flames

Cause all you fucks are in my way So drop her off this route Take’em some far place, watch them feed Seal the signs of the borders We are here to bend Penetrate the outlines Lightness of color They say the world is struggling But we are stuck upside down Imaginary reality Suffer from make-believe […]

Worlds Within The Margin – In Flames

Raindrop hits the leaf changing it’s position slightly on the street next to polls of monotonous waters He walks Slipping feet from steps at random He falls In the space of between his body and the ground comets cast off their names stellar neurones misfire Witnesses inhale the seed and spit out a million branches […]

Gyroscope – In Flames

a manta engulfing the world to throw it up once again to a guild of lifted daggers Neo-wolf, but older again than the Lupus itself linked its fur to the gyroscope of time a collection of failures A diabolical sequence of stabs written in cunning stones from the fossilised den of thieves our lives die […]

Trigger – In Flames

What’s the latest on the screen? Can’t be too late to turn around I need all the help from you I need to find something to blame for a long lost time I am running from something, I don’t know I am searching for something, which way to go? I am trying to separate what’s […]

Black & White – In Flames

I am proud to be this far from you You say that you have no regrets But I know that you do You told me someone stole the eye I know him too I’ve come to the conclusion – yes, I know That between black and white, there is no room for two The scale […]

Take This Life – In Flames

It’s more the actual knife Pretending the picture is perfect, I cut myself to sleep I close my eyes for a second And meet a fragile soul I scream to hide that I’m lonely, The echo calls my name If I ever… if I never… Make me understand the thought whatever Make me see… make […]