Performer IN FLAMES

Square Nothing – In Flames

Clouded, weakend by the haze Cut of my pride, enough to forgive Reconcile, back to square nothing It seems I […]

Everdying – In Flames

Tragedy, cursing me Bloodlust, crying, never dying Bloodlust, crying, never dying From the cold, shadowed waste Evil grasped my soul […]

Egonomic – In Flames

Blind men in a line They smother their fires with gasoline A strangers contribution Everybody’s on the run No clue […]

Insipid 2000 – In Flames

the laws are changed and useless! on their way to a deserted town where empty windows wave goodbye a helpless […]

Morphing Into Primal – In Flames

Detonation Fireworks and alchemy Genes spliced and triggered into the future and her organic cave Seismorgasmic omnipotence scenes of magma […]

Lunar Strain – In Flames

For there is a purpose and reason Beyond all human apprehension The shrieking silence in the blackness of space For […]

Lunar Strain – In Flames

For there is a purpose and reason Beyond all human apprehension The shrieking silence in the blackness of space For […]

Dead End – In Flames

I think we lost today There’s no morning after And no one’s around to blame I’m not afraid to bleed […]

Zombie Inc – In Flames

and defend her case part flattery, part threats “for those who cling to this dominion will partake in its fall” […]

Ordinary Story – In Flames

a world where fashion outshines morality here success is written in blood-red colours designed by the thirst for power gather […]

Drifter – In Flames

It’s hard to believe You could be such a disease I can no longer separate what is real Hope that […]

Swim – In Flames

Lets reconstruct and get it straight Unlock forgotten skills Travel to a new dimension Souls from the dark seduction (Take […]

Transparent – In Flames

Persuade the most hideous and ugly Under every pile and stone. A rebirth, for you to find Freedom is to […]

Scorn – In Flames

as my mouth remains still my heart awaits me. filled with gravel as the pain grows with each touch since […]

Free Fall – In Flames

how far will i go? despite the foundation I’m falling sweet reflection will you save a place for me? where […]

Behind Space – In Flames

Call me by my astral name Breeding fear through wordless tounge Heavenly thirst – unspeakable pain Emptied from all human […]

Dark Signs – In Flames

Cut down to half a member Left with his hand tied Everything points in the wrong direction All the joy […]

Graveland – In Flames

swings its flag of primal glory to the winds Titans of the power-myth that failed Neanderthal hunger for the flesh […]

Suburban Me – In Flames

A one-man struggle beneath the tower I think the clock still exist god just forgot to tap my shoulder I […]

Bottled – In Flames

Just pass me by Don’t ask me the same questions Just deny I’m there Like the time around me This […]

Pinball Map – In Flames

Conflict serum is my aura It seems that life’s so fragile I guess I’ll fly some other time I lack […]

Bullet Ride – In Flames

Do you hear steps at the door? Do you reckon the smell of….? It’s life-the the dark that binds you […]

Moonshield – In Flames

collecting the tragedies still Hollow ambitions in a hollow mind carried my cross to the hill And how I lust […]

System – In Flames

I stumble and I fall Our adaptation can’t be faithful Your world does not attract me This is the end […]

Leeches – In Flames

Like leeches “Ignorance we trust” If you say this way, I’ll take that way Fuel for the fire on which […]

Dead God In Me – In Flames

from childhood? s Seven Moons the palette stained with the ejaculated passions (of forbidden, hedonistic colours…) Strike from omnipotence; all-seer, […]

F(r)iend – In Flames

They turned me into an outsider I never heard from them again So ironic when you called for a favor […]

Biosphere – In Flames

Blood freezes in my veins I wish you were here beside me To release me from my pain Last night […]

Minus – In Flames

Like the floodtide drowning the shore Drug me, you are all over me Watch my blood begin to boil I […]

Gyroscope – In Flames

a manta engulfing the world to throw it up once again to a guild of lifted daggers Neo-wolf, but older […]

Trigger – In Flames

What’s the latest on the screen? Can’t be too late to turn around I need all the help from you […]