Performer IN FLAMES

Come Clarity – In Flames

Getting older every day By two Drawing pictures of innocent times Could you add colour inside these lines? I want […]

Dead Alone – In Flames

Don’t show me new results I’ll never enter your heaven Make the most out of my dirty cell Creeps infected […]

Jotun – In Flames

I often dream of huge numb buildings jet-black sinister architecture being installed when nobody sees Their appearance so sudden that […]

Clayman – In Flames

I’ve tried confidence, had it for breakfast today I’ve lost the perfection, a mess without words (And) As the seasons […]

Starforsaken – In Flames

Wipped in the eye by the sand Malicious have light of day obscured The sun has burned my skin Open […]

Lord Hypnos – In Flames

your garment alive with your song I lie in your soothing arms, lord Hypnos Steep the spiral to your far […]

Vacuum – In Flames

Speak of tomorrow. The burden of man is that time never takes a pause We live from monday to sunday […]

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