In Good Faith – Survivor

Tucked away from all the pain
And deep within this secret side of me
Just the simple truth remains
Words don’t come easy
Feelings I hide even from myself
I’m ready to share without hesitation
I’ve been saving this moment
For someone who’s saving this moment too
–Tell me it’s you

*I’ll give you everything that I got
Say you’ll never turn and run
Cause each and every beat of my heart
Tells me you’re the only one
I’ve cast aside, my foolish pride
I know I can keep you satisfied
I’ll prove it tonight in so many ways
–That’s a promise from the heart
–In good faith*

In the roles that we have chosen
Behind the parts we sometimes play
Lies the passage to the real me
–With no illusions in the way
Words don’t come easy
But I’ll get the feeling across somehow
–Let it be now…

( * Repeat)

Lyric In Good Faith – Survivor