In Harm’s Way – Metal Church

In the empty spaces of the mind, that’s here I store my past
A ghostly image that I fear has yet to be surpassed
I pray that I won’t carry all the pain ’till the end

No direction from your guardian, the one who should protect
I’m innocent of their decisions, I wonder why dad left
Every night I hide in bed and plan to run away…

A lonely child with battered eyes
No joy in innocence they cry
Always has to lie his way through life

I’ve fallen down while playing ball
But mom beat me up and down the hall
Just because she had one of those nights

Instinct to defend, where does it all end
How does a child get himself out of harm’s way?
A lifelong price to pay

It’s not that mommy hits that hurts me, it’s when she goes away
Get home from school all by myself and won’t see her for days
A kid deprived of love in life has no alternative in sight
He throws up barriers to get him through
A human life’s a gift from God
Your conscience and your heart are gone
You’re much to cruel to have a point of view

No one to turn to, oh, how dare you
How does a child get himself out of harm’s way?
A price no one should pay

Can’t you see the tears they’re crying
Don’t you care your kids are dying?
From the senseless torment that you put them through

There’s different kinds of lies to tell
Abuse is from the pit of hell
A demon with a goal that is to kill

You better hear the words I say

Lyric In Harm’s Way – Metal Church