In Nomine – Darkside

Lewd Paints Harass Me
No Heart Was Ever Caught And Cursed
In Such Venial Lust

Decay Of Dreammade Fear
Overflows My Tired Heart
Only Disgust Remained Of Sweetness Bleeding
In Caddish Pain

Loud Rushes The Sirens Well
Dark Hales The Sphynx Before Our Guilt
Our Hearts Trembling With Filth
We Cry Forgive Us Our Sins

Tortured By God And Crushed In My Face
From Our Souls’ Darkened Bliss
Remained Only A Feeling Of Bashfulness
The Day Before In Distorted Glance

Beating To Bars Of Heretic Songs
In Despair And Sadful Grace
Brighter The Stars Of Forgotten Hope
Reflecting Our Godless Sin

Away You Haunting Face
With Unamable Fear
Thrill Of Delight Trembles The Embers
Of My Breath

Come And Get Me
You Never Succeed
Choke The Life Out Of You With Pale

Lyric In Nomine – Darkside