In The Dead Of Night – Fleshcrawl

Bodies over bodies – One by one
They got sliced – By this bastard son
Helpless victim of an unreal horror mind
In one second takes you to the other side

Is it just a dream – Or is it real
Shaken by a shiver – Psychopathic ride
In the moment when you hesitate you feel
Sharp blades severing flesh and bones like peeled

Creep – On your knees
Pray – Mercy me
My task is search, find and kill again
I was born as a modern jack for everyone

Murder is the case – In which he believes
Dissecting his victims – Expert in human anatomy

Live and let die – Decision is mine
Under the eyes of the sun
Human leftovers – Lifeless remains
All means to my abnormal plans

Suffer this hell – Find your way into

Lyric In The Dead Of Night – Fleshcrawl