Pseudo Call – Incubator

A thirteenth month was born Who wants to play these game? Answer your mission now Reflection of your mind Leads me to your grave Silently your question will Be answered Could a existence be born Which made dreams to mystic lies You’re buried in a cage of reality To sell your soul, for a trip […]

Nightmares From The Past – Incubator

Our chase after criminals has Been successfull Here’s just another outcast Which wants to pay Icy winds blow through the Streets an voyager Without an aim Years ago there was an event Which seems to be forgotten soon Strange emotions climbing up Deep inside out So many times you hoped so much These history will […]

Plants Of The Bizarre – Incubator

Of you laughing in a dream Which may be true Plants – of – the – bizarre You feel a act of misery Those gluttonous Creatures Are tasting lovely meat This kind of evil was born By sins – sins You’re damned To suffering In a world of Horrible illusions Disfigure me condemned To pray […]