Indestructive – Agent Steel

Into the mouth of the triangles lair,
The Erra presage tells us It’s time
The open door pulls you in as you’re lured,
See the coming Atlantis will rise,
As the New City sinks with despise

Their presence is starting to show
The time has come, come to be known
Their reflexes faster than light
They move to the skies,
Moving faster like a comet telemetry tape
Fix on the speed,
A hundred and sixty degree turn moving South
Into the Triangle’s mouth…

They disappear without any trace
The crew is gone, the ship left behind
Scan the Tropic of Cancer, it’s time
To seek Atlantis, beneath the waters you’ll find
The timeless void through space they collide
1000 Cycles Per Second the frequency sound

Balls of fire, object of light
Metallic Disc hovering low
Consecutive lights, machinery stalls
Abduction begins, memory lost
Communication gone, lapse of time the magnet is on
The channel is open, they’re coming through…
Too late for you…

(chorus) INDESTRUCTIVE They’re coming from space
INDESTRUCTIVE They can’t be destroyed
INDIESTRUCTIVE They’re faster than light
INDESTRUCTIVE We haven’t much time..


Balls of fire, object of light
Metallic Disc hovering low

Lyric Indestructive – Agent Steel