Performer INDIA ARIE

Yellow – India. Arie

All I see is yellow Like daisies in the meadow And I just thought you should know That everytime you […]

Summer – India. Arie

Goodbye summer – I hate to see you go; I wasn’t ready for the Autumn wind to blow. So lonely. […]

The Cure – India. Arie

There’s a girl who was raised to believe that love is suffering She grows up and the man like a […]

Pearls – India. Arie

Scraping for pearls by the roadside There is a force stronger than nature Keeps her will alive That is how […]

Therapy – India. Arie

OH Oooh oh ooOH OH, yeaah yeah yeaah Oh oh oh oh oh oh (I-I-I-I need your therapy) Oh oh […]

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