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Good Morning – India. Arie

Do do do Do do do do do do dooooooo (4 times) Good morning silence Good morning to myself Good morning to the pain in the center of my chest It’s crazy how much I miss a simple good morning kiss oh ohhhhh~ Good morning independence or is it loneliness? I know I said I […]

The Cure – India. Arie

There’s a girl who was raised to believe that love is suffering She grows up and the man like a father gives her a wedding ring Now she walks around up constant companion, our resentment, fear and sadness The lack of laughter turns to cancer, this song is dedicated to her The worst disease in […]

Pearls – India. Arie

Scraping for pearls by the roadside There is a force stronger than nature Keeps her will alive That is how she lives her life She is dying to survive I don’t know what she’s made of But I would like to be that brain She cries to the heavens above There’s a stone in my […]

Therapy – India. Arie

OH Oooh oh ooOH OH, yeaah yeah yeaah Oh oh oh oh oh oh (I-I-I-I need your therapy) Oh oh oh oh oh oh (I-I-I-I need you to come and lay hands on me) Oh oh oh oh oh oh (I-I-I-I need your therapy-therapy-therapy) Oh oh oh oh oh… (heeey) He lays me on the […]

Chocolate High – India. Arie

Yeah yeah yeah yeah Ooh ooh If we make each other happy, then we just can’t lose [India Arie] I don’t mean to be decadent I might sound like a hedonist But the simplest way I can put it You become a habit The more I consume, the more I gotta have it Ain’t no […]

There’s Hope – India. Arie

(there’s hope) two, one, two, one, two, two, two, one (ther’s hope) two, one, two, one, two, two, two, one (the india arie) Back when I had a little, I thought that i needed alot. A little was over rated, but alot was a little to complicated. See zero didn’t satisfiy me, a million didn’t […]

I Am Not My Hair – India. Arie

[Talking:] Is that India. Arie? What happened to her hair? Ha ha ha ha ha Dat dad a dat da [4x] Dad a ooh [Verse 1] Little girl with the press and curl Age eight I got a Jheri curl Thirteen I got a relaxer I was a source of so much laughter At fifteen […]

Better People – India. Arie

Yeah Yeah! [Verse 1:] I wish there was a video game to teach you your ancestors name I wish there was a phone number like 1-800-Save-Your-Brother I’m thankful for the radio station Not afraid to put the truth in rotation there are skirts of information That you can only get in conversation with… [Chorus:] Young […]