Category: INFECTED

Brown Tormentor – Infected

Cream, chocolate, vodka, melon, potatoes Eat it my friend, you’ll enjoy future feelings Cork up your asshole and gaze at the celing Diarrhoea Private affair W. C. That’s all you can see Solo: Maloy Liquid shit Never eat All this food In my mood Eat just fried potatoes with meat And you’ll newer have liquid […]

Female Defecation – Infected

This hole with shit inside And sometimes she wants To get it outside You can read between The lines and understand What the paper now She’s reaching with her hand Brown underwear, body’s always sweat Smells like bastard everywhere Dirty punky nails, junkies chip and dale And protecting fucking whales Now she’s pissing out This […]

Pimple Life – Infected

With our dreams and feelings, truth and lies With our friends and pretty girls And you all just can hear how I growl PIMPLE LIFE Now our hero it is young guy on the party He like cool drinks and like very much Some good farting Drink, my young friend Vine, vodka, whiskey and beer […]